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    Dell xps 15 9550 install problem

    Hey. Follow-up: I replaced the BIOS chip but did not rescue the system, possibly because my soldering skills aren't up to the task. In any case, it's truly dead now. Dell spare parts quoted me a replacement motherboard for $1560, (though not in stock), or a remanufactured one for about $1400. I'll take a pass on spending 80-90% of the price of an equivalent brand new 9560 to repair the 9550, thanks. There appear to be other sources of re-man motherboards around for as low as $400. My options appear to be to either take a gamble on one of those, or just part it out on EB to offset the cost of a new HP Spectre. Really unhappy with Dell's willingness to accept responsibility or to help in any way with recovery. Information from https://www.dell.com Bitcohen.
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    Hello guys.

    Hello! Im new here.want gain more experience here. Have a nice day everyone!