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  1. LaptopDisplay

    Even including those Mobility Radeon X1300s? I thought ppl were saying that LVDS is not supported within X1300 driver, so there's no hope to get it running?
  2. X11 problem after 10.5.3 upgr

    I just figured out ~ 3 mins ago... Thanks anyway.
  3. X11 problem after 10.5.3 upgr

    Same problem here... Although I upgraded from 10.5.1, Kalyway DVD When I type in console "X", it gives me error like following: Xquartz server based on X.org Release 7.2, built on 2007924 Check-in failed: Permission denied _XSERVTransmkdir: ERROR: euid != 0,directory /tmp/.X11-unix will not be created. Does that mean I have to be root to start it or what?
  4. Hi, I'm pretty newbie to OSX on PC. After reading posts for like a week, I started my first installation on my Lenovo T60 laptop. Everything went fine, and I could even get both audio and network working when I first boot into Mac OS X (I know it worked cuz it correctly pulled out my apple account information). The wierd thing began since I rebooted the machine, and all of a sudden, I can never get my box on line any more. The System preference keeps telling me that the cable is unpluged (which of course is not, cuz I can get online once I reboot into Linux), and I get the following information if I dmesg in console: =============================================== Intel8254x -- Link Down -- 00:15:41:ae:36:8f -- called by interruptOccurred() -- -- Auto-Negotiation Advertisement Register (04d) = 0xde1 -- Auto-Negotiation Link Partner Ability Register (05d) = 0x21 -- Auto-Negotiation Gigabit Advertisement Register (09d) = 0xe00 -- Auto-Negotiation Gigabit Link Partner Ability Register (10d) = 0x4000 -- PHY Specific Status Register (17d) = 0xd00 and the T60 uses Intel 82573 Ethernet chip (0x8086:109a), and I installed using iATKOS 1.0 and EFI. Any suggestions or instructions are welcome... Thanks in advance.