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  1. got the 9800gt working if anyone needs help
  2. q66

    Leopard Perfect Install

    Thanks! Got my osx86 runnnig so well i dont use windows anymore
  3. q66

    Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    Hi, im not on my osx but i remember someone that had 2 cards installed, the settings for the second video was done by duplicating the settings in Boot.plist of the first card and just changing the hardware id (pcix0 etc..... ) hope it helps p.s. I have my nvidia 9800GT working with opengl (300fps+ @ 1280x1024x32 85hz) on osx 1.5.5 with EFI and chamelleon ( Ideneb torrent ). I used the 8800 drivers... Ive been playing games such as call of duty4 on max graphics smoothly... working great
  4. q66

    Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    Hi, ive been reading ur posts for a few hours now trying to get my 9800 gt (1gb) to run opengl but no luck ive tried the 8800 kexts, the 9800 gtx ... and still only 17fps @opengl test could you please help, this is the last thing to setup before i have a functional mac thanks aqua-mac in advance
  5. Great! just downloaded it from HP PAVILLION IPIBL-LA 5.13.zip http://www.osxcores.site50.net/page1/page1.html work 100% all 4 cores now thanks
  6. q66

    How to get a 9800GT to work in 10.5.4?

    just tried a few mins ago.. no luck Thanks
  7. q66

    How to get a 9800GT to work in 10.5.4?

    im on the same boat cant get opengl to work anyone??? guru ?
  8. q66

    Issues with Kalyway on Asus IPIBL-LA

    hi ive got the same specs i got it to work yesterday with leo4all v 1.5.2 , only use -v cpus=1 flags that should get u to the instalation setup click customize before installing, select ICHx the first ACPI or something ur graphics card etc.. if after its complete it doesnt work, try starting over and changing the packets u selected at custumise. hope it helps... p.s. im waiting for a patched bios that will allow all the cores to work.. pm me after u install Francis
  9. Hi, after 20 instals and weeks of wanting, ive got it installed using the cpus=1 flag i would be grateful if you'd patch my bios here are my specs: BandName: HP a6245n (hp specs page) Processor: Q6600 RAM: 4gb Motherboard: IPIBL-LA (Berkeley) Graphics Card: 9800 GT 1024mb Chipset: ICH9 Link to bios file: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software10/C...7-1/sp37377.exe Thanks in advance! ive reinstalled 10000x times so im happy to be a tester if u need. is there a way to get my graphics card running fast as it should? ive been stumped with this core limit thing, it is the only thing making my osx slower than vista Thanks Kabyl! Francis