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  1. Thank you very much for your help. I started using the clover folder you sent me and everything works ok. I have a question, how do I configure my USB ports correctly. I ask because in USBnject all kext webpage, the author says that the kext by itself (without proper configuration) is just a temporary "fix", and he advises to "properly configure" all the ports in order to continue using the kext without problems. How do I "properly" configure my USB ports for using "the correct way" with USBInject all kext? Again, thanks for all your help.
  2. Hi @MaLdOn, could you help me please to get a working DSDT? I have followed your instructions to create the Send me File and I'm attaching it to this message. I'll tell you my hardware and how I use it for you to understand better ( I believe this will help you help me ) My most important (and used) softwareSoftware: macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Adobe Master collection CC 2018 Final Cut Pro 10.4 Clover EFI (last version at the time of writing this). My Hardware: CPU - Intel i7 7700K Motherboard - Asus Maximus Hero IX Z270 RAM - 32 GB (4x8GB) GSKill TridentZ RGB 2133MHz (3200MHz Using XPM1) Video - nVidia GTX 760 2GB Asus DirectCUII Solid State Drive OCZ-Vertex460 128GB Mouse & Keyboard - Logitech wireless K330 (using two usb2.0 receivers one for mouse one for keyboard, I don't have PS2 ports on my motherboard). My computer is mainly for Video Editing, although y (not so often) play games and do some music creation. I don't use Overclock (just XMP on RAM) because of relatively high ambient temperatures of 31ºC where I live (Cuba), besides I don't like messing around with Overclock. I have a water-cooling CPU solution but it's not one of the best/most efficient ones, it's a Cooler Master Lite 120 (1 fan 120mm) I use only one monitor connected to my nVidia card via VGA (I'm planning to switch to HDMI soon), and I have deactivated my Intel GPU, right now I'm using only nVidia Card. (What do you think about Video Edition and Intel GPU deactivated? I've search the web for a consensus between using two GPUS, Intel and nVidia at same time, and using only the nVidia, but opinions diverge, some say that it's better to have both (even if I use only one monitor), some say it's better to use only nVidia. I'll appreciate any help you could give me creating DSDT edits for me, helping me configuring correct USB Ports and also in realizing the best configuration possible for my hardware. Thank you very much in advance, and thanks (again) for your tutorials and articles here in the forum, they are awesome. Send me Onays-iMac.zip
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