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  1. Get iLife, iWork & Aperture for free

    I tried the chameleon and it didn't work, but clover did. The chameleon didn't show up the board serial number on system report but Clover does. Needs a bit more work?
  2. I have an Orico PFU3-2P fl1009 pcie card in a gigabyte ep45-ds4 sckt 775 system. The other cards in it are amd 5770 gfx and apple original atheros bx72 airport (patched into the dsdt). It autosleeps and wakes with the edited dsdt and the only kext I need is fakesmc. I patched the dsdt for xhc1 as in post 196. With the genericusbxhci 1.2.4 kext system information reports the card as 'built in' but when I put the system to sleep the card loses power and disconnects any connected hard drives. Is there anything I can do about this? Ernando - I had so much trouble trying to get expresscards to work I sold my macbook. I tried all the available chipsets, none were really reliable, and none slept properly. Fl1000, Asmedia 1042 and Nec 720202 were ok. The nec tended to disconnect more than the others.
  3. Is anyone having trouble downloading the binary? Mediafire seems to be on the blink but I've only tried over one 5 minute period.
  4. All makes sense.. Why - to see if it does lose power during sleep with all drivers. The 720202 at least should resume after sleep and does on pcs with generic/apple-patched, and doesn't on my macbook. Is that the expresscard, or the way the mac talks to expresscards, or the drivers? Sleepy.
  5. Thanks - a couple of things I noticed about mxhcd when I did an ioreg -xrc - it shows all cards as 'built in' when other drivers do not. If you can find out how it's doing that it might be useful. Also generic or apple or both (can't remember) list the superspeed port as simulated, and mxhcd doesn't. Don't know whether that means anything. Considering the amount of work involved in the pxhcd method I would pick data integrity (or at least being told that the disks got ejected,) over silent reenumeration. Not knowing what's happening is worse. The drives definitely work after sleep with mxhcd. If it performs xhci suspend-resume presumably that means it flushes the caches before sleeping? Could you block it from resetting the chip after it's suspend-resume? - I'd be interested to see if that works and for which chipsets it works. Then we'd have an example of a driver that makes things built-in and does xhci suspend-resume successfully.
  6. Thanks for the analysis. - I'm really only concerned with the error message if it means it's possible to lose date - i.e. if the caches don't get written before sleep. PXHCD was the modbin patched version, but I removed the device id from the inf so it loaded for a variety of cards in the specified class. I modified the MXHCD inf the same way, but the binary didn't need patching as it's not locked to any specific device. Speed wise I find them on a par with the patched apple kext and with your generic kext, in banchmarks mxhcd is the fastest by a not-noticeable margin, but also more reliable than pxhcd. If it's simply re-enumerating after sleep I might switch to apple/generic Is there any way to hack mxhcd to present the device as superspeed to iousbfamily? NDS USB 3.0 Driver if you want to compare it to pxhcd
  7. I'm using a macbook 8,3 2011 (sandy bridge, 17" with expresscard) and 10.8.3. Expresscards with asmedia 1042, nec 720202 and fresco logic 1000, and 1009 all work, mount usb 2 and usb 3 drives but none of them resume after sleep. I get the disconnected drive error message and then the drives remount. I suspect its something to do with how the macbook initialises theexpresscards - modified PXHCD and oyen's MXHCD kexts do resume after sleep, I find pxhcd prone to disconnects, and while they both mount drives under 'superspeed' in system information, they list the max speed as 480mbps instead of 5gbps like your driver or apple's kext when patched. I don't know if sleep will ever work for me anyway, but thanks for all your work, I do run hackintoshes too.
  8. Patched AppleUSBXHCI from OS 10.8.2

    I've tried with the nec 720200a and got an overvolt warning which shut down the driver. I tried with an fl1009 card - like the asmedia it wouldn't hot swap. If inserted before bootup the vanilla drivers would load it, and mount drives, but they would get disconnected with sleep. The same happens with the patched driver! ioreg reports the card as 'pci' not 'built in'. So far the only card that reports as 'built in' is a nec 720202 but it still wouldn't resume after sleep. I'm going to look at the 10.8.3 binary and see if the patches are applicable. Update: It looks very different to me.
  9. Patched AppleUSBXHCI from OS 10.8.2

    Thanks - I'm going to double check my patches but this is what I get: +-o AppleUSBXHCI <class AppleUSBXHCI, id 0x10000022a, registered, matched, act$ | { | "IOClass" = "AppleUSBXHCI" | "CFBundleIdentifier" = "com.apple.driver.AppleUSBXHCI" | "IOProviderClass" = "IOPCIDevice" | "Card Type" = "PCI" | "IOPCIClassMatch" = "0x0c033000" | "IOUserClientClass" = "IOUSBControllerUserClient" | "IOPowerManagement" = {"ChildrenPowerState"=0x3,"DevicePowerState"=0x3,"C$ | "IOProbeScore" = 0x0 | "IOPCITunnelCompatible" = Yes | "this" = 0xffffff81c48e2000 | "IOMatchCategory" = "IODefaultMatchCategory" | "ISTKeepAway" = 0x1 | } | +-o XHCI Root Hub SS Simulation@0 <class IOUSBRootHubDevice, id 0x100000267,$ | +-o AppleUSBHub <class AppleUSBHub, id 0x100000269, registered, matched, a$ | +-o IOUSBInterface@0 <class IOUSBInterface, id 0x10000026b, !registered, !$ +-o XHCI Root Hub USB 2.0 Simulation@0 <class IOUSBRootHubDevice, id 0x10000$ +-o AppleUSBHub <class AppleUSBHub, id 0x10000026e, registered, matched, a$ +-o IOUSBInterface@0 <class IOUSBInterface, id 0x100000270, !registered, !$ Maybe this is why it doesn't resume from sleep. This is with an fl1000 card. If the patches are correct is there anything else I can do to force 'built in'? I'm guessing something about how apple handles expresscard slots forces 'pci'. Update - the patches are correct. Update 2 - with nex 720202 card it registers as 'built in' but that card doesn't resume after sleep, and refuses to mount a drive after sleep also. weird.
  10. Patched AppleUSBXHCI from OS 10.8.2

    I was wondering if there's a way to force the cards to appear 'builtin' on a real mac and if its relevant to the sleep/resume issue? I tried with a nec 720202 (I think the 'a' low power version) and it dumped the drives at sleep, and wouldn't remount them afterwards.
  11. Patched AppleUSBXHCI from OS 10.8.2

    Thanks for the explanation Zenith432 - I'm actually using a macbook pro with expresscards so assumed it would handle all the configuration properly. I will try reverting 10014 and see if resume works. Thanks again. Update: I changed it from 00c6 back to 01c6 and a couple of things happened. On my asmedia 1042 card which will only work if inserted before powering up, the card showed as present but wouldn't see my usb3 drive attached to it. On my fl1000 card it would see the drive, but mount it as high speed rather than super speed much like the hacked pxhcd/mxhcd kexts, and wouldn't resume after sleep but did reset, so I got the disconnected drive complaint and it remounted the drives. Argh! Update 2 - It seems to mount as super speed now.
  12. Patched AppleUSBXHCI from OS 10.8.2

    Awesome work Zenith432, have you posted the file minus the last two patches?
  13. Patched AppleUSBXHCI from OS 10.8.2

    I just tried the new file and it ran both the necs, but not the fl1000 or asm1042. I then tried it with the msi patch reversed and it loaded for the necs but wouldn't see or mount drives.
  14. Patched AppleUSBXHCI from OS 10.8.2

    some people are't going to want to patch the binary themselves. my 720200 wakes from sleep and yours doesnt but the chips are fine. can the linux driver be ported?