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  1. Compilation of Clover with Build_Clover with GNU and launch of Clover using Alt startup was successful, but still getting a similar firmware error as before. This is in spite of applying all settings as suggested in post #5. Will keep working around with it. EDIT: Found ticket in SourceForge for Clover pointing out that SMBIOS was a major culprit: https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/tickets/403/ Filled out SMBIOS information with Clover Configurator, but that wasn't enough. Crash persisted. Went back and filled out Rt Variables information and put in Custom UUID under System Parameters. Now, Clover v4416 bootloader is fully functioning, boots the High Sierra virtual machine with updated hardware ID. Will begin experimenting with pass throughs, especially on the graphics card side. Major goal of mine to enable a highly functional version of Osirix. EDIT 2: Guess this should be obvious, but basic Mac profile should mimic whatever CPU setting chosen for the virtual machine.
  2. First, thank you fusion71au for a very informative and splendid guide. I was able to download High Sierra from the Apple servers and complete a functional installation of v10.13.3 on VMware Workstation Player v12.5.9. However, I came across a couple issues. 1) The preformatted 50 GB disk with Clover in post #44 did not appear to be compatible with the BaseSystem for my case. The bootloader screen does launch. However, when I click on the BaseSystem to boot, I get an immediate firmware error and the entire virtual machine quits. I had to create a completely blank disk and go through steps 6-8 to accomplish the installation. 2) All iterations of Clover do not seem to work with my virtual High Sierra. I have tried following all instructions and copies of Clover in this thread. The system still immediately goes to the Apple logo and OS starts. Has anyone recently gotten the Clover Bootloader to install and run successfully on a VMware High Sierra machine? Any help would be greatly appreciated.