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  1. Hackintosh Broken After 2 Years - Is High Sierra Compatible?

    I copied the ones in clover/kexts/other into /system/library/extensions and it didn't load properly. Is there a certain process for this? Error screenshot below (repeated for every file).
  2. Hackintosh Broken After 2 Years - Is High Sierra Compatible?

    Are you saying in kexts/others of your zip every file is needed, or i should be picking certain files out of that folder?
  3. Hackintosh Broken After 2 Years - Is High Sierra Compatible?

    A perfect fix btw! Thank you for that.
  4. Hackintosh Broken After 2 Years - Is High Sierra Compatible?

    Thank you for picking this up MaLd0n! I will attach the zip file (I ignored my training to "never download and run things as root if you dont fully understand them"! haha) from your script. New Information I found out my roommate took some liberties and decided to mess around with it to try to get things working fully for me. I'm not sure what he did. New info below and attached. I am on the same hardware, but I am currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (screenshot attached) with a iMac Late 2013 profile thing (as you'll see in the zip attached, I believe I saw your script grab it). Other than this, my build linked in my signature is current (i switched out the monitor but thats irrelevant). Thank you for your assistance, and I'm here to do whatever I can! P.S. I'm currently trying to figure out how to upload a file to 'My Media' I'll update this post soon with attachments! P.S.S. Found it! It's a little hidden. You think I would be better at this considering I'm a web developer! Send me Joshuas-iMac.at.net.zip
  5. Hackintosh Broken After 2 Years - Is High Sierra Compatible?

    So overall, would you recommend 'fixing' my current issues (usb3, audio, iMessage, strange background on login screen) rather than get a fully working copy (with fixing whatever breaks on that install) of the newest OS? Or once I fix the current OS, could I use the normal updater to update to High Sierra? Is there a wifi card that would 'work out of the box' so to speak? If its relatively inexpensive, it might be worth me not spending a few hours trying to figure out how to fix the current one.
  6. Hackintosh Broken After 2 Years - Is High Sierra Compatible?

    Thank you, maleorderbride! How do I determine if my components are supported in the newer versions of macOS, or is it always the case where if it works in older versions it will work in newer versions? I know very little about this. P.S. I can provide specifics about the current OS when I get home from work tonight.
  7. Howdy! My name is Joshua Bedford, and I'm brand new to this community. It appears as though I have been missing out! I started over at hewhoshallnotbenamed's (from what I understand) website. I need some help! I built my first (and only so far) hackintosh a little over 2 years ago (I think. haven't looked at exact dates). It has worked phenomenally, and was running my dual 27" displays perfectly for web development and video editing. The problem now is USB3.0, audio, and iMessage no longer work. iMessage was always spotty, but I need audio and USB3.0! It recognizes USB2.0 devices plugged into 3.0 ports, but not 3.0 devices (such as my 3TB external drive and usb hub). My question is this: Based on the hardware below, would it be a good idea / compatible to wipe it and start over with high sierra and the newest bootloader powering it? The only data on the drive is the OS and a few programs. Nothing irreplaceable or difficult to replace. My main question is one of compatibility (I'm not very knowledgeable about this process). Build: GPU: GTX960 CPU: i7-4790k MB: UD5H-Bk RAM: Gigabyte 16GB WNA: TP-Link WDN4800 PCPARTPICKER link: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/JrBedford/saved/#view=vpMLrH Everything except the monitor (I moved to 2 curved 27") is still true. Please view that for any specific part numbers! Let me know if more information is needed. I am willing to be helped in debugging the current system, but i wonder if installing high sierra would be easier. P.S. I bent a few of the pins in the USB3.0 header that connects the front panel of my case. That wouldn't cause the entire system to reject USB3.0 right? I'm plugging directly into the motherboard not through that plug.