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  1. Virtual PC on iMac

    Wouldn't it really be a PPC application emulating an x86 on an x86 machine emulating (or translating from) a PPC?
  2. I don't know, on the surface level they do look more expensive. I suppose it is hard to compare though. I compared a Mac Mini to a low end Dell machine. On one hand the mac looks significantly more expensive (especially when you consider that I have not priced a display). But I also know some one could argue that the mac does not take up as much desk space and so on... This is what I just looked at: Single Core Mac Mini 1.5 GHz 1024 MHz 80 Gig DVD+/-RW Keyboard Mouse Remote (no Display) $877 Dell E310 Single Core 2.8 GHz 1024 Megs 17-inch flat display 80 Gig Keyboard Mouse (No Remote) $589
  3. Interesting observation. My theory is that most consumers don't mentally separate the hardware from the OS and look at them rather atomically. I also think that licensing the OS and APIs would be damaging to their hardware sales. If you could [legally] run OS X on a $300 PC then would you prefer to run it on the $300 hardware or offical Apple hardware? (of course given the nature of this forum I think I would find a lot of people willing to run OS X on cheap hardware instead of on a real Mac ).
  4. VM Ware with Darwin

    I've been trying for over a week to get the latest x86 Darwin build installed in VMWare. I've got a trial version of VMWare right now and am only planning to purchase it if I can ever experience success with this. In short when VMWare boots up from the darwin disc it does not seem to detect my virtual harddrisk. The only boot item I get is "hd (159,0) Ethernet PXE Client" Selecting the PXE client only causes the message "System config file '/com.apple.Boot.pList' not found." This message actually show up initially at boot. Selecting the "-v" or "?" option only causes the screen to be refreshed with no changes. I've tried using several guides and information found on both this forum and others but in looking at all of the guides I never see mention of this problem at this point of the installation. I've tried installing VMWare on several other computers (I did not think that hardware would make much of a difference but it was worth a try). On all the configuration's I've tried VMWare has failed. I've tried previous ISOs ov Darwin from both the opendarwin site and developer.apple.com. Does any one know how I can either get around this or find a prebuild virtual machine available for download? Joel Johnson
  5. If it is anything like Virtual PC Server than several instances of VMWare machines run on a single physical machine but people can remote into them. You could also host several websites in isolated logical servers using something like this.
  6. maxxuss website down

    Dude! I clicked on that link and my virus scanner tagged that page as having malicious content!
  7. Installing Darwin 10.4 on x86

    You are correct. Winrar would extract the files from the ISO but would not allow me to only get the ISO itself. Some one suggested MagicISO and that seemed to work. now only if I could get past this stoopid "/com.apple.Boot.pList" not found thing. But that's another issue. Thanks. Joel
  8. is this a good mac copy if not what is

    I'm pretty sure the warning was not being posted as an unnecessary warning. You information request graces boundries that have liability associated with them.
  9. Installing Darwin 10.4 on x86

    I've downloaded the Darwin Unix install from developer.apple.com for the x86 processor and wish to install it on a virtual machine. The file has a .iso.gz extension. I need to get it to a regular ISO file so that I can install it, but the only utility I have found so far that can successfully handly the file on windows is WinRAR. But it extracts all of the files from the ISO leaving me with the individual files in an unbootable form. Does any one know how I can transfor the .ISO.GZ file to an .ISO file? Joel