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  1. iMac Duo, is it upgradeable ?

    The good people from MacFan magazine in Japan have upgraded an iMac Core Duo 1,83 GHz to 2GHz with a normal off-the-shelf T2500 Yonah from a PC shop. So the CPU is in fact upgradeable. For graphics though you're stuck with whats onboard.
  2. Bofors, you're right, Intel RAID requires drivers, which, as far as I know, Mac OS X does not have. The RAID feature that is built into Mac OS is a software RAID. The reason you can't build a RAIS is possibly because Disk Utility from 10.4.4 and corresponding frameworks is needed. Anyway, Intel Matrix Storage will ge you nowhere with Mac OS X. Also, I don't think AHCI is measurably faster, but I don't have to change BIOS settings anymore to boot Windows, so its defeinitley a winner for me.
  3. Build a Core Duo Computer

    Please explain how a Xbench CPU score of 55 for the DTK is twice as fast as a score of 75 for the new 2 GHz iMac?
  4. By the way who said to rebuild kext cache? I never understood why people do it...
  5. I'm surprised the AHCI kexts don't work for some people with Intel 945 boards. I used build Mac OS X Build 1111A, I'm also running the latest BIOS for my board (D945GTP BIOS from 1.9.2006). My hard drive is a S-ATA II capable Western Digital WD2500JS. The only thing people are doing differently is rebuilding the kext cache. I never rebuild my kext cache, it's not needed since Mac OS 10.2 because the system does it automatically. But that shouldn't make a difference... bofors: Boot in verboose mode, too see where the boot process hangs.
  6. To make things clear: The EFI extension fails to load on my system (as it should as there is no EFI) but it does not prevent the system from booting normaly. Also, I'd rather not post my boot log for privacy reasons. According to Intel my Board should be EFI compatible. Does anyone know where I can get the corresponding update to enable EFI on my hardware?
  7. ATSServer?

    Haven't seen it around, so post it!
  8. Confirmed 10.4.4 checks for EFI

    OK, my Intel D945GTP with a Pentium D 820 boots fine with the Apple EFI extension. The reason your system doesn't boot is somewhere else. If you don't believe me, reinstall the origninal 10.4.3 extensions and then add the Apple EFI extension. Your system should boot. So the Apple EFI extensions is NOT a protection measure!
  9. cyrana: you are running your S-ATA controller in emulated P-ATA mode. AHCI ist native S-ATA mode on Intel hardware. scousi: I haven't tried xBench tests. As for stability, I haven't seen any problems yet. If you do find problems, just switch the BIOS back to Emulated P-ATA, then the AHCI extensions don't load and you can remove them. The files you need are AppleAHCIPort.kext and IOAHCIFamily.kext
  10. You can't use all kexts. Some are kernel dependent. But I'm pretty sure my board boots with the EFI kext.

    Windows does not have to be first partition. I have a setup with Mac OS on the first partion and Windows on the second.
  12. I just dropped the two AHCI files into my extensions folder, fixed permissions, rebooted, turned on AHCI in my BIOS, and voilà, Mac OS X support S-ATA natively on my Intel D945GTP Board. Hooray!
  13. Confirmed 10.4.4 checks for EFI

    Thats not a protection, its support for EFI. Mac OS X 10.4.3 still loads, as do some of the new kexts. EFI Runtime obviously won't load if your system has no EFI. Duh!
  14. Donate toward a Developers Kit

    Come on people, quit asking how much has alreday been received, and donate for a change! It's amazing how many people are trying to shirk their way around this, speaking of "might" and "will do" and having dumb arguments about ip adresses. If you're not going to donate, don't post! What an exasperating community!!!