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  1. Sorry new here, can someone from the Admin team please move this to the correct forum...thanks
  2. I'm having a mare with Logic Pro running on Vmware Workstation Pro 14. I ran the sierra.vdmx as normally and it loads fine until i try to open Logic Pro X. Logic X just show an unexpected error and closes instantly. I cant seem to work out why its closing on start up. I have a host running i7 7700K 4.2ghz, 16gb ram, and a 1080ti, so specs are not an issue. The only thing i have changed is the size of the drive once i have installed the VM, i do this via terminal as changing the MBR wont work in Disk utitility, so have to use this code "diskutil resizeVolume /dev/disk0s2 250G" The disk size changes fine, then i install Logic X, and it downloads and installs all the sounds,but ass soon as i open it, it crashes!! OSX stays running fine, its just Logic! Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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    Hi everyone, glad to find this forum. It looks like a well of invaluable information and hopefully i can get some burning questions answered