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  1. Download speed, Windows/Leopard

    well, Linux also downloads with 300-320 kb/s, too bad.. I wish I could install Leopard into vmware, thanks anyway
  2. Download speed, Windows/Leopard

    ah ok, thanks for the reply, I think I will install Linux in VMware. thanks
  3. When I installed leopard my download speed was 1 mb/s, but on windows xp and vista it is only 320 kb/s maximal :S I installed leopard on my intel computer ofcourse, and I got a 11 mb/s internet connection. I used the same wireless usb stick for both speeds. Does anyone know how I can increase my download speed on XP/Vista? Thanks in advance!
  4. Wireless network problems

    omg, Im having the same problem with my Sitecom WL-172 54g Turbo, I'm going to try your solution, thanks! edit: didnt work for me (

    I also got a dell dimension 5150 and I'm running leopard fine, after a few times.. First I tried iAktos, then I tried iAktos R2, both didnt work.. but THEN I tried leo4all and that one did worked.
  6. didnt work for me, I installed it and still no sound with my sigmatel card.. could someone help me to find a driver?