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  1. hello, today i added EFI Boot Partition Installer to EFIStudio. EFIStudio 1.1 Download all thanks goes to munky for making this possible. please post comments or any bugs you found. so long inside
  2. iWork 09 on pre 10.5.6 systems?

    you can change the install requirements in the iWorkTrail.dist. (Package Contents) too. funny thing is, that apple let it run with 10.4.11 but not with 10.5.5... function hasOldSystem() { // too old if running OS version less than 10.4.11 if (-1 == system.compareVersions(system.version.ProductVersion, '10.4.11')) { return true; } // not too old if we're >= 10.4.11 and below 10.5 if (-1 == system.compareVersions(system.version.ProductVersion, '10.5')) { return false } // too old if 10.5 to 10.5.5 if (-1 == system.compareVersions(system.version.ProductVersion, '10.5.6')) { return true; } // 10.5.6 or newer is not too old return false; }
  3. Script for sfx strings

    here you can download "EFI String Creator", a gui for gfxutil EFI String Creator
  4. OSX auf einem Windows Laptop installieren?

    du kannst natürlich auch das diskutility in der menuleiste auswählen und die platte gleich mit hfs+ formatieren
  5. Let us know what you're working on!

    i work on a irc packet grabber and a hfs system watcher (gui for fslogger). it´s all done in xcode and cocoa.
  6. Borat

    he´s my brother...
  7. post here ONLY NVIDIA card that WORKS for you

    nVidia 6800 Ultra (PCIe) works with QE, CI and all resulutions available.
  8. Diskarb error in 10.4.8. What exactly is it?

    i even got this on a mac mini 1,66 GhZ with original 10.4.8. so, i think this is a general bug. btw. since yesterday i got this "diskarb" thing on my hackintosh too....
  9. Anyone use "MPEG2 Works"?

    i use mpeg streamclip, it converts mpeg (demux, patch headers) and it is for free. MPEG Streamclip 1.7 so long sick
  10. logic pro 7.2

    yes, no problems so far. (AMD 3500+ SEE3) no, the mac pro is the fastest personal computer on the market yep, rock solid. only your 3rd party plug-ins must be in Universal Binary format.
  11. yes and no, g4 400 agp has the rage pro and no qe or ci, the "newer" ones, like g4 733 got only qe enabled.
  12. the limit of 32 tracks in pro tools

    me too, read it again...
  13. the limit of 32 tracks in pro tools

    put this in your signature
  14. the limit of 32 tracks in pro tools

    yeah.....of version 5.5
  15. Logic for recording live audio

    boy, your are on os x now....