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  1. Ezhoon

    Enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD

    I've applied the third method also and, finally, trim is on all non-apple SSD..thanks for the tip!
  2. Ezhoon

    ML DP4 anyone?

    Here you go..looks very nice
  3. Ezhoon

    How to Unstretch the Chameleon Boot Screen

    I think I prefer all black background It isn't possible to change the color of spinning wheel, is it? lol Cheers!
  4. Ezhoon

    How to Unstretch the Chameleon Boot Screen

    Thanks a lot for your reply I've tried the pure black code and it worked! One problem though: now, because of that black background, the spinning wheel is gone lol I am going to try the greenish gray background and see how it looks Edit: Tried the greenish-gray-tinted background but, it seems background is same black color as the pure black one
  5. Ezhoon

    How to Unstretch the Chameleon Boot Screen

    Thanks for your reply. As I understand, it's not possible to change the gray color of boot up screen. So if I want both unstretched apple logo and spinning wheel, I have to live with this gray box inside of black back ground
  6. Ezhoon

    How to Unstretch the Chameleon Boot Screen

    It worked with 8800gts, which just goes up to 1280x1024x32. Thanks!! My 30inch lcd now displays huge black background with 1280x1024 sized gray box inside Apple logo and spinning wheel is not stretched anymore..nice! Now, If I can only make this background.png to be black it would be perfect, I guess
  7. Ezhoon

    10.6.8 officially released

    Updated the system in my sig to 10.6.8 and got the same disappearing spinning wheel symptom..except this, my setup is working super fine
  8. Here is what I did: 1. Mount Mac OS X Lion DP4.dmg, which will show up as OS X Install ESD on your desktop. 2. Make hidden files visible and you will find BaseSystem 3. Restore this BaseSystem to a empty partition/usb drive or whatever. 4. Mount that restored partition/usb drive and go to /system/installation/packages, and remove the alias 5. From that OS X Install ESD image you mounted on your desktop, copy the whole Packages folder to /system/installation/ 6. Replace the OSInstall.mpkg with the "edited" one to bypass the installation check. 7. Copy mach_kernel from OS X Install ESD to the root of restored BaseSystem partition 8. Reboot, f8 to Chameleon gui selection and there you have it, BaseSystem volume. 9. Just select your volume with dp3 installed to install dp4. It will be upgraded to 11a480b nice and easy
  9. Does this apply to any codec? I mean..we still have to use that legacy kexts, right?
  10. Successfully updated to 11a419, following netkas' instruction As netkas pointed out, had to replace ionetworkingfamily.kext with previous one to make internet work One thing I immediately noticed is Launchpad animation and other graphic effects are a lot smoother than 11a390
  11. Ezhoon

    TRIM support

    harbri..you beat me to it..just applied the magic potion and it seems working fine here
  12. Ezhoon

    TRIM support

    Wish I could find a way to trick OS X to think my Intel ssd as a regular Apple ssd
  13. Just curious..has anyone successfully made 6970/6950 work with Lion? I've seen some posts saying 6870/6770 work with Lion out of box, no injection needed what so ever. So I am very curious if this working_out_of_box thing apply all the way up to 6900 series..or not
  14. Does anyone have a solution for alc883?
  15. Another success story here, applying [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] method..xpc never worked for my system. So far the best looking feature is full screen app, especially for Preview. Pdf magazines just look great fully expanded..way better than adobe reader