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  1. The question is the same: the 'using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers' freeze on first reboot after successful install. I have requested help here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1356623 about the steps to install IDeneb 10.5.7, but i wouldn't use another Hdd or a pendisk, so i try to ask you if you knew about a bios modded suitable for Leopard about this unlucky mobo, because i read on web that this is a problem of some mobo solved with a 'solver' bios.. Could you help me? Thanks F
  2. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    Thanks for your help, but there'snt yet a bios suitable for P5QPL-AM..which did you use?
  3. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    Mmmmm , I'll try on weekend...I'll keep you posted.. Thanks again! F
  4. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    thanks Marco for your help..i reached the point of part omissed from your post, after this i don't go on, because i don't understand the pen's role..you have installed SL on the pen before the installation on hd? Could you write us all the procedure step by step? Thanks very very much F
  5. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    Great Marco!, tell us how you succeed.. reply us with a nice post written for dummies (surely as me)
  6. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    Tried the latest bios (0317)??, I don't know about the internal graphics, i always use pcie...
  7. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    Never seen before...Tried another distro?
  8. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    Hi vincio3!, I have 1.6 too and i get the same problem, at the reboot with -v option system hangs at the famous ""using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers" The options i use are: Kernel Qoopx 9.8.0 ACPI FIX (all & none) APPLE SMBIOS Enablers Apple SMBIOS 800Mhz DSDT patcher CPU=1 fix I don't remember bios option but maybe speedstep is enabled..
  9. Leo on Asus P5QPL-AM: Which Distro?

    Up! Can someone help me please?
  10. Hi folks!, I tried iPC 10.5.6 and it faults after 10 seconds from dvd start..iDeneb 10.5.5 completes the setup ( only ichxfix and smbios 800MHz enabled) but it faults at first restart..is it aproblem regarding the mobo, the distro or the configuration during setup? What do you suggest me? Thanks for your help. F
  11. Ragazzi, sapete consigliarmi sulla scelta di un laptop sui 500-600 euri sul quale si possa installare leo con tutti i kext del caso? Magari la marca se statisticamente c'è una certa probabile compatibilità.. Grazie per il vostro aiuto! F
  12. Come avviare Leo da penna USB?

    Veloce e lapidario..grazie.
  13. Avendo un Raid 0 e volendo togliere di mezzo il terzo hd d'avvio, qualcuno saprebbe dirmi la procedura ed i files da copiare nella pennetta? Grazie! Fabio
  14. Raid 0

    Rispolvero il topic con le ultime notizie..l'array l'ho creato, c'ho installato il 10.5.5, ed il tutto mi funzionava se avviavo dall'hd singolo, montando sul desktop l'hdd-raid. Ho anche modificato il com.apple.boot.plist mettendoci la stringa rd=disk3 per l'avvio sul raid, il problema è che si sentono frullare i 2 hd, arrivo alla schermata grigia con la mela e poi più nulla.. Cosa posso fare a questo punto?, posso almeno ripartire dall'hd vecchio?
  15. Raid 0

    Con quello che mi hai detto questa guida adesso la digerisco meglio.. Grazie per ora, smanetterò al riguardo quanto prima..