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  1. I have a HP Elitebook 8460P i5 2520M 2.49ghz 8GB ram laptop running High Sierra 10.13.3. I cant get USB 3 to work. I have 2 usb 2 ports on right side that work, But my 2 usb 3 ports on the left side only supply power. Tried to attached my RunMe.app generated .Zip but forum says problem processing the upload.
  2. Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    New info: This is what i have happening and can reproduce... Boot > No battery icon > Install newest battery kext > Reboot > Have battery working > Shutdown > Boot > No Battery... Then if i reinstall the kext, reboot, i have battery until i shutdown. then on next boot up i have no battery again.
  3. Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    I did try the newest kext, downloaded RehabMan-Battery-2017-1001.zip and still doesnt work... Edit: I reinstalled macOS10.13.1 on another hdd. got battery working and my sound, after a few reboots, its goes away again too. and so did my sound this time.
  4. Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    Hfs+ is the fs and no idea about trim.
  5. Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    Bad new. My battery percentage is gone! I dont know why or how. Turned off the laptop was working, Next morning Turned back on... nothing. Not sure if an update or something broke it but i have all automatic updates off i though. Tried refreshing the origin dsdt files (f4 in clover), tried recopying the dsdt to patched in my efi. Tried reinstalling the battery kexts. Tried updating the os to 10.13.3 . (currently running this now if that makes a difference) Still i have no battery percentage, everything else is working like it was before, just my battery is gone again. here is output of kextstat -i for the battery kext. not sure if it helps. but tell me what commands to run and i can post their outputs.
  6. i downloaded the 10.13.2 from that forum and was a beta, i cant find a official full release. But i did get my 10.13.1 to update to 10.13.3 from the app store. i had to DOWNDATE the Lilu.kext in my EFI partition for it to not kernel panic i was on 1.2.2 i had to downdate to 1.2.1. all working now.
  7. I am currently using 10.13.1 off the mac app store, made bootable with transmac and a efi partition img. i have it fully working just cant update for some reason. So if i cant fix the app store update i will just keep using 10.13.1 until it may be possible for someone to know a fix.
  8. 10.13.1 seems to be running well. im not sure if i need to update any kext or where to even really update, booting works on 10.13.1 so im not sure what i would need to even update. Im fairly new to hackintoshing, here is a pic of the paused panic If it matters my drive is HFS+ Mac OSx Extended journaled formatted (The installer for high sierra did this) Should it be the new APFS? or is that a non-issue here?
  9. only drivers i see on there is - Support OS:MAC 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11 and - Support OS:MAC 10.12 what driver do i download? and i used the canada links for each respectfully as thats where i am. but same thing. i will try and order one here soon, for now marked this as solved.
  10. I have a HP Elitebook 8460P i5 2520M 2.49ghz 8GB ram laptop running High Sierra 10.13.1. I cant get it to update to 10.13.3 no matter what i try. App store or downloading the updates from apple website either single or combo updates. All fail. Downloading from the app store asks for a reboot to install, starts to install, says ETA then part way through just goes to a black screen no reboot no nothing just powered on doing nothing for hours. After rebooting manually i have a new option in clover MacOS install from hdd. booting it causes the system to endlessly reboot update wont install. however if i boot from the os not the update, system will start in 10.13.1 again. I recorded the verbose output during the install but it happens very fast, (less then 1 second a lot of text) so i recorded in 240fps slo-mo in some bad lighting unfortunately time of day it is, so hope its readable. Any idea why i cant install the 10.13.3 updates? I have tried app store, manual 10.13.1 > 10.13.2, manual 10.13.1 > 10.13.3 combo File is to big to attach here (145mb) so here is a youtube link to my verbose boot i am getting with the update install. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq2owXaUy4o
  11. I tried a new apple ID and same authentication error on the hackintosh even with another new serial number (incase the old was flagged) Guess i just dont need iMessage. atleast the OS its self is working. Thank you for all the help, you got my Siri Semi-working, it just dont listen to me
  12. Yes i did the rom and mlb also. I turned up my mic in system preferences to full volume then rebooted Siri is now saying how can it help when i click it or the hotkey then no matter what thinks i just simply said "Yes" then responds with "Thats what i thought" Is there a way to fix my imessage account with apple since it doesnt seem to work on 5C either? wouldnt the 5C have a legit serial or something i can use call them maybe and get it sorted. or would it just be better to make a new apple ID, I dont really use apple products that often just trying to make high sierra work on my pc for the fun and challenge of it. Edit: I setup Dictation in accessibility to enable the "Hey Siri" command, when it hear the command presses the hotkeys to launch siri so my mic is "working" however doesnt see stable Sometimes it works, others it doesnt. Siri responded to my hey siri with "hey hey hey hey it sure is roomy in here" I think it maybe the driver for my Mic messing up using VoodooHDA 2.9.0
  13. I have an iphone 5C still around and can confirm it wont send messages either, says needs to be activated. Is there a way i can fix this? Siri is now starting but its just the colorful wavy line. when after a few seconds "Some things you can ask me" - finder 'show downloads' - search web 'query' ect...ect... My mic is picking up my voice in system preferences. and siri is set to use the correct mic, But doesnt seem to be hearing me
  14. I deleted my network preferences and after rebooting I HAVE NO ETHERNET and my bluetooth took back the en0 spot. Before i deleted them bluetooth was en0 ethernet en1 then my usb wifi was listed. I realised this and generated a new one the serial i had was the one the installation gave me. still not working. but as said above my ethernet is en1 not en0 and i cant seem to change it And my apple ID is a few years old Edit: I got Ethernet back as en0 generated a new uuid and serial, the serial is not in use on checkcoverge iMessage gave me a bit more this time then a activation error, i also got an error box. with authentication error.
  15. I have an HP Elitebook 8460P running High Sierra 10.13.1 Im trying to get iMessage and Siri working. When i click on iMessage and try to sign in i get error: Activation Error When i click on Siri i instantly am greeted with: sorry, could you say that again... and siri will not let me ask it anything My mac "Serial" on coveragecheck comes up as a macbook pro. My Ethernet works and i have a WiFi USB My Mic is hearing my voice in System Preferences Siri is active and configured to use the correct Mic Im fairly new to getting Mac running on Intel Based PCs. any help would be greatly appreciated.