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  1. I found this on apple community forums 1. back up the user certificate trust settings files described above. Then, remove them with the following commands, entering your administrator password when prompted: cd "/Library/Security" sudo ditto -ck "Trust Settings" TrustSettingsBackup.zip cd "/Library/Security/Trust Settings" sudo rm *.plist 2. Attempt to sign into the App Store. but i dont have /Library/Security/Trusted Settings/ folder on my Mojave Hackintosh
  2. I have an HP Elitebook 8460P and my USB 3 ports are not working. (Only power)I am on 10.14.3 tried to run MacInfo tool and attach zip here but limit is 10MB so here it is in google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xkW6YDZgXzlPEcPpI4HY2iQNCroHdty6/view?usp=sharing im thinking its DSDT or my config.plist because i also cant sign in to the app store, no error just no sign in with correct details box goes away and nothing happens. cant upgrade to 10.14.4 either gets stuck on something in verbose boot dont remember what. iMessage/Siri dont work either i get a customer code to call apple with. tried it on my last hackintosh, didnt unblock for me. If i can get my USB 3 and app store working i can live without iMessage but be nice to get it working.
  3. bump again... never fixed yet, Anybody help?
  4. bump... never fixed yet
  5. That broke my battery completely. No battery icon in top right and in preferences showed 0% can't check the show battery checkbox
  6. cant attach says "problem processing file -200" when i try to attach. Here is the zip with a dropbox dl link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhn9uvssartrk42/Send me MacBook-Pro.zip?dl=0
  7. I have an HP Elitebook 8460P running OSx 10.13.4 High Sierra I have an odd issue i believe is related to DSDT patch for ACPI Power battery. My battery icon works the battery level goes up/down and battery goes black when charging/white when not. BUT... Always has a lightning bolt in it and says "Power Source: Power Adapter" no matter if its connected or not. How can i get it to recognize my adapter is unplugged?
  8. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    New info: This is what i have happening and can reproduce... Boot > No battery icon > Install newest battery kext > Reboot > Have battery working > Shutdown > Boot > No Battery... Then if i reinstall the kext, reboot, i have battery until i shutdown. then on next boot up i have no battery again.
  9. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    I did try the newest kext, downloaded RehabMan-Battery-2017-1001.zip and still doesnt work... Edit: I reinstalled macOS10.13.1 on another hdd. got battery working and my sound, after a few reboots, its goes away again too. and so did my sound this time.
  10. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    Hfs+ is the fs and no idea about trim.
  11. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    Bad new. My battery percentage is gone! I dont know why or how. Turned off the laptop was working, Next morning Turned back on... nothing. Not sure if an update or something broke it but i have all automatic updates off i though. Tried refreshing the origin dsdt files (f4 in clover), tried recopying the dsdt to patched in my efi. Tried reinstalling the battery kexts. Tried updating the os to 10.13.3 . (currently running this now if that makes a difference) Still i have no battery percentage, everything else is working like it was before, just my battery is gone again. here is output of kextstat -i for the battery kext. not sure if it helps. but tell me what commands to run and i can post their outputs.
  12. i downloaded the 10.13.2 from that forum and was a beta, i cant find a official full release. But i did get my 10.13.1 to update to 10.13.3 from the app store. i had to DOWNDATE the Lilu.kext in my EFI partition for it to not kernel panic i was on 1.2.2 i had to downdate to 1.2.1. all working now.
  13. I am currently using 10.13.1 off the mac app store, made bootable with transmac and a efi partition img. i have it fully working just cant update for some reason. So if i cant fix the app store update i will just keep using 10.13.1 until it may be possible for someone to know a fix.