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  1. bump again... never fixed yet, Anybody help?
  2. bump... never fixed yet
  3. That broke my battery completely. No battery icon in top right and in preferences showed 0% can't check the show battery checkbox
  4. cant attach says "problem processing file -200" when i try to attach. Here is the zip with a dropbox dl link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhn9uvssartrk42/Send me MacBook-Pro.zip?dl=0
  5. I have an HP Elitebook 8460P running OSx 10.13.4 High Sierra I have an odd issue i believe is related to DSDT patch for ACPI Power battery. My battery icon works the battery level goes up/down and battery goes black when charging/white when not. BUT... Always has a lightning bolt in it and says "Power Source: Power Adapter" no matter if its connected or not. How can i get it to recognize my adapter is unplugged?
  6. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    New info: This is what i have happening and can reproduce... Boot > No battery icon > Install newest battery kext > Reboot > Have battery working > Shutdown > Boot > No Battery... Then if i reinstall the kext, reboot, i have battery until i shutdown. then on next boot up i have no battery again.
  7. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    I did try the newest kext, downloaded RehabMan-Battery-2017-1001.zip and still doesnt work... Edit: I reinstalled macOS10.13.1 on another hdd. got battery working and my sound, after a few reboots, its goes away again too. and so did my sound this time.
  8. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    Hfs+ is the fs and no idea about trim.
  9. Twml

    Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    Bad new. My battery percentage is gone! I dont know why or how. Turned off the laptop was working, Next morning Turned back on... nothing. Not sure if an update or something broke it but i have all automatic updates off i though. Tried refreshing the origin dsdt files (f4 in clover), tried recopying the dsdt to patched in my efi. Tried reinstalling the battery kexts. Tried updating the os to 10.13.3 . (currently running this now if that makes a difference) Still i have no battery percentage, everything else is working like it was before, just my battery is gone again. here is output of kextstat -i for the battery kext. not sure if it helps. but tell me what commands to run and i can post their outputs.
  10. i downloaded the 10.13.2 from that forum and was a beta, i cant find a official full release. But i did get my 10.13.1 to update to 10.13.3 from the app store. i had to DOWNDATE the Lilu.kext in my EFI partition for it to not kernel panic i was on 1.2.2 i had to downdate to 1.2.1. all working now.
  11. I am currently using 10.13.1 off the mac app store, made bootable with transmac and a efi partition img. i have it fully working just cant update for some reason. So if i cant fix the app store update i will just keep using 10.13.1 until it may be possible for someone to know a fix.
  12. 10.13.1 seems to be running well. im not sure if i need to update any kext or where to even really update, booting works on 10.13.1 so im not sure what i would need to even update. Im fairly new to hackintoshing, here is a pic of the paused panic If it matters my drive is HFS+ Mac OSx Extended journaled formatted (The installer for high sierra did this) Should it be the new APFS? or is that a non-issue here?
  13. only drivers i see on there is - Support OS:MAC 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11 and - Support OS:MAC 10.12 what driver do i download? and i used the canada links for each respectfully as thats where i am. but same thing. i will try and order one here soon, for now marked this as solved.
  14. I have a HP Elitebook 8460P i5 2520M 2.49ghz 8GB ram laptop running High Sierra 10.13.1. I cant get it to update to 10.13.3 no matter what i try. App store or downloading the updates from apple website either single or combo updates. All fail. Downloading from the app store asks for a reboot to install, starts to install, says ETA then part way through just goes to a black screen no reboot no nothing just powered on doing nothing for hours. After rebooting manually i have a new option in clover MacOS install from hdd. booting it causes the system to endlessly reboot update wont install. however if i boot from the os not the update, system will start in 10.13.1 again. I recorded the verbose output during the install but it happens very fast, (less then 1 second a lot of text) so i recorded in 240fps slo-mo in some bad lighting unfortunately time of day it is, so hope its readable. Any idea why i cant install the 10.13.3 updates? I have tried app store, manual 10.13.1 > 10.13.2, manual 10.13.1 > 10.13.3 combo File is to big to attach here (145mb) so here is a youtube link to my verbose boot i am getting with the update install. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq2owXaUy4o