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  1. NEW Sigmatel 9205 Codec Dump

    please let me know if it works for you guys this is my dump... it came off my ubuntu. Gateway T6321 bootingNO.txt
  2. sigmatel 9205 Problems

    k post the files please then post how to put to sleep then wake up ty
  3. No Hfs Partition found

    that's how i got in this situatino in the first place lol i followed the guide
  4. okay this is how i did it. i installed vista first installed mac secondly on another partition. put in my vista cd went to CMD and typed in select disk 0//// select partition 1//// active after this i installed Tboot.. but now i can't get leopard to boot it always says no Hfs Partition found.. i can get leopard to boot if i go to CMD and reactivate the mac partition also i have to use the leopard dvd to boot into leopard because i don't know how to patch it.. so can anyone help me fix no hfs partition found and how to boot leopard without dvd support... TY
  5. sigmatel 9205 Problems

    hi i have a gateway T2370.. and i can't seem to get my Audio to work .. it is a sigmatel 9205... does anyone have a driver or a patch or something.. please help
  6. WTS Pentium Extreme "UNLOCKED"

    bump come on guys
  7. easy tytytytytytyty ... yah i take that back lol... i get no HFS Partition
  8. it doesn't work Sigmatel 9205.
  9. WTS Pentium Extreme "UNLOCKED"

    i am wanting to sell my pentium extreme i have used it for under a month then my friend gave me a core 2 duo... the multiplyer is unlocked so this means you can overclock it through your bios.. the core clock speed is 3.2GHZ.. it has 2 cores also hyperthreading so it shows up as 4 cores. it also comes with a intel heatsink. WTS for 160$ Or best offer.. please PM me or post here thank you.. Dual-Core. Intel EM64T supporting 64-bit computing. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. LGA775 (socket 775). 3.2Ghz (per core). 800 MHz FSB (Front Side Bus). 2x1 MB L2 Cache .
  10. Sigmatel Device ID: 0x107B0560

    you could've just put device id in google it would've told you.. Sigmatel 9205
  11. Sigmatel Device ID: 0x107B0560

    i can't get my sigmatel to work this is the device ID...Device ID: 0x107B0560
  12. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    no body answered my question
  13. Gateway Webcam

    is your laptop red? the t6321 version?
  14. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    i have a gateway T6321 it has a Intel T2370 and 3gb of ram it also has a X3100.. i am to install Leopard but whenever it turns on it hangs up on the grey apple screen it spins for like 1 minute or less then freezes im thinking it's caused by the video card.