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  1. [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    Thanks !!! But I can't check the bios settings after install osx. It is because I still can't boot into the install DVD although I set the BIOS setting like yours. I read Corben2005's case, he could boot the DVD and install the retail Mac OS X after adding an external graphic card. So I think my case may be the on board graphic problem and I still finding the solution for this... Do you have any idea about installing Mac OS X with the on board graphic ??? Thanks !!!
  2. LatinMcGyver75, do you mean that it is not the video card problem ?
  3. [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    a lot...but I have no external graphic card now. Do you think it will work if I add a fixed AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext into initrd.img...???
  4. [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    Hi, I also got a problem like this (like the problem which Corben2005 said before) : I had set all BIOS settings as like as slipttees posted... I tested it with both IDE and ACHI mode, One thing I found is my PC use the on board display but slipttees use Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS (http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showpost.php?p=339021&postcount=1), so there is a difference. Does anyone have any idea for this ?? [~~ Sorry for my poor English]