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  1. I got hold of an old 2009 Unibody 13-inch Pro, the 2.26 model. It's in great shape but doesn't power on properly. My guess is that it's the logic board, but being as expensive of a part as that is (and me being a broke-a** college student), I wanted to confirm the root of my issue before I plunge and make sure there isn't a more... economic fix. Here's the exact symptoms... - Unit responds when pressing power button as normal. Power light comes on solid and fans whirr into action, but it never goes further than that. No image or power to the display whatsoever. - hangs for a few seconds then abruptly powers back off again, making the hard drive clunk painfully. - Unit then powers BACK ON again and repeats the first part, but hangs indefinitely and does not power off again. Fan gradually begins to spin faster and faster. - during this whole time, the hard drive makes no read/write sounds whatsoever. It does spin up though. - I inserted a CD into the drive and it took, and now every time I power on it sounds like it's being read. Probably just the drive's firmware instincts though. - Unit does not respond to any keyboard commands such as target disk mode, etc, however I CAN reset both the PRAM and the SMC. Here's a link to a video of the cycle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZENwMamfsng Any insight is much appreciated. Cheers. EDIT: forgot to mention things I've tried... - unassembled entire unit and dusted/cleaned the {censored} out of it, incl. under heat sink - reseated RAM & all cable connections - other sticks of RAM - different HDD - ext. display
  2. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    I have to say, ever since my tech support job gave me a free 17" i7 MacBook Pro a few months back, my FX has sat cold on my shelf. I actually just decided the other day, though it pains me dearly, that I'm going to sell it :-( If anyone's interested, here's the ad. 1920x1200 screen + an extra, AirPort Extreme card, a second HD, and comes with 3 batteries! I might even knock $100 off the price for my fellow InsanelyMac users :-) This has been a great machine for me... good luck to you all with your future hacking! Peace and love!
  3. LaCie USB 3.0 drivers in Lion 10.7

    Excellent, eeeexcellent... *evil chuckle* Thanks quattro! Got an adapter and a 2TB MyBook coming in the mail now
  4. LaCie USB 3.0 drivers in Lion 10.7

    Anybody know if LaCie's USB 3.0 driver works in Lion? More specifically, the modded jailbroken version? I went ahead and installed the kext (running GM), but alas, I have no expresscard yet to test with. I have not gotten any errors though from the kext.
  5. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    Weird. I think I have .25 bios... but then again maybe not. Well thanks for the heads up!
  6. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    Hmmm. Weird, never heard of this issue before. We don't have QUITE the same card, as mine is a 9800M, but that shouldn't make too much difference. This is a weird suggestion, but have you tried it with... nothing? Full graphics have been working for me straight OOB ever since Leopard/Snow Leopard. So, maybe try removing all of those tweaks from your system? One thing I don't see mentioned here is the pciroot=0 fix. That has made all the difference for me before. Try searching for info on that one (it's easy). Another thing I'd really push, though I know this is a generic answer that nobody wants to hear, is a clean wipe and reinstall. Start over from scratch. A lot of times, especially with these more quirky issues, it is just an unexplainable corruption or something. It's funny how even when following all of the exact same steps you can get totally different results with this sort of thing. Could you maybe post a screenshot of what this stuff looks like? Also try booting verbose with -v flags to see if you get any interesting messages. Thanks for troubleshooting & searching & trying stuff on your own before posting. EDIT: nvm, I didn't see that you'd already tried bunches of reinstalls. My bad
  7. [solved] (PM45/ICH9) EHC2 instantly wakes from sleep

    Yeah man, that was my .dsl from 5 months ago before I found your other suggestion on the thread I linked to above (post#2). I guess I should've posted it again today to avoid confusion. No sweat though, again I really appreciate the help from both of you. Everything looks great now.
  8. [solved] (PM45/ICH9) EHC2 instantly wakes from sleep

    Oh hey, Mald0n to the rescue again. Haha I'm pretty sure this is the second time you've helped me with a stupid DSDT problem. So yeah, I looked at your file and I like your solution better. Rather not have to remove a device if I don't have to... Thanks again. What exactly was going on in there then? P.S. I had already removed that PRW line... see above
  9. [solved] (PM45/ICH9) EHC2 instantly wakes from sleep

    EDIT: I solved it. I guess. I just went ahead and deleted all things "EHC2" in dsdt.dsl (there were only, like, two). Still not entirely sure what that device was. All my USB's, FireWire, and webcam still work fine. May have been my modem or my card reader, or my empty MiniPCIe half-slot... all three of which are useless in my installation. whatever it was, now my computer sleeps fine everytime, and I'm very happy. Hooray for self-resolution!!
  10. [solved] (PM45/ICH9) EHC2 instantly wakes from sleep

    Almost five months later I am still having this problem. I followed advice I found on this forum, which removed "GLAN" from "Wake reason", but EHC2 still is preventing my machine from getting precious sleep (even after removing "_PRW" from both devices in my DSDT). Please, if anyone has some insight on this, I'd really love it!
  11. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    To my knowledge, there is no way to get our LAN cards working. Also, you don't need a program to install the DSDT file, just place the file on the root of your Mac's hard drive. Unless you mean patch it -- in which case I use DSDTSE. Although apparently there's a better one out now. Idk the name of it...
  12. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    Actually I gotta say, I recently wiped my drive and used the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] + [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] method you mentioned, and I think it probably was the best method I have used yet. The thing is, as Apple constantly makes revisions and new releases to their system, the methods for installation on our machines keep changing as well. So it's rather unrealistic to be able to create an 'ultimate' guide... know what I mean? P.S. our wifi cards may be supported soon -- check it Its a bit old, but seems to be still somewhat alive. I'd love to see if the kexts on that page work for any of you -- the developer had the exact same notebook (P-7805u).
  13. **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    Yeah actually, I'm bumping this. I realized a day or so after my post that it broke all USB ports for me as well. Thoughts?
  14. Help Installing OSx86 on a Gateway P-7805u

    Lol sorry to keep doing this (I'm sure you guys don't mind too much ) but here's ANOTHER revised DSDT. This time I removed a few arguments which was causing the problem I mentioned above, for my computer to instantly wake up after sleeping. Idk if anyone was having that problem, but the combination of the below DSDT and the modded IOUSBFamily.kext also below will fix it. Just replace your old IOUSB with the new one (don't forget to back it up first). Personally I was overjoyed to fix that problem, as I've literally been having it for over a year. EDIT: I also realized that these new patches enable the internal mic as well! Woooot! DSDT.aml.txt IOUSBFamily.kext.zip
  15. **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    dan chip5, thank you for that modded IOUSB kext! That solved my instant wakeup problem that I'd been having for an extremely long time! I'd like to know though, is there any way I can recreate this patch in my DSDT (so that I can continue to use the vanilla kext)?