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  1. It's easy way to get source code. Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks! please check link to sources in readme.txt(http://osx86drivers.sourceforge.net/)
  3. ok, thank you for answer mitch, I uploaded the version that runs in 10.5
  4. thanks, I'll look for possible reasons on own side
  5. your version does not work on my system:
  6. nVidia 7600GT on Snow Leopard in x64 Mode

    I really hope that Apple will correct a misunderstanding, with the release of 10.6.4. At least I do not see any restrictions. Older cards do not support some of the new technology. But you know, many programs use it? Although I heard about one called OpenCL Benchmark)). Buying a new graphics card I will not, I really like working in tiger and leopard.
  7. IntelE1000e kext (82566MM, 82577LM, etc)

    I use 1.0.3 version from hnak with 82566DM controllers, works fine (PromiscuousMode with bridge adapter settings and sleep) with Snow 64bit and leopard 10.5. What distinguishes the version submitted? 82575EB is not supported?
  8. Great news! Now I to continue driver testing. I will write in case of problems later. Big to you thanks for the help!
  9. test 1.0.2b and sometimes there is a falling with kernel panic and the mouse cursor stops, in 10.5.8 and 10.6 too. How it occurs on my system: I have created more than three network locations and when there is a switching between them there is a panic. At first I change locations in network preferences then put Apply button = KP. Any idea? please help!
  10. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Why need ACPI V1 to V4 conversion patch?
  11. With this version is the kernel panics when booting the system, before switching to graphics mode
  12. tested in 10.6, after wake up from sleep kp
  13. Great day! Works with the card 82566DM (8086:104a) in leopard 10.5.8 and Parallels desktop 5. Many thanks for your excellent work!
  14. I tested AppleIntel8255x.kext (Intel100ProVE) with Parallels Desktop works fine in 10.5.8, but in sl apple removed this controllers (
  15. reasons not known? You are going to continue in this direction? I think Guijin Ding has already dropped the project