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  1. I'm out of town and away from my computer for a couple of days so can't do anything yet. But wow I'm excited to look into all of the suggestions.
  2. The reason i removed things because i couldn't boot with your efi straight as it stood. First time doing this! Which of the things i mentioned that i don't have working will smbios imacPro1.1 fix? I don't think my bluetooth and wifi is supported at all. I heard the HDMI audio also won't work as per nvidia drivers as they stand right now while connected to display port at the same time. But I really hope those things aren't true and they would work. Firstly when i downloaded high sierra from an actual mac app store i think it came with 17d47 only. Unless i'm wrong in which case where do i download 17D2047 to make a boot usb? I don't want to update or anything i'll probably do another clean install with some help as last time i couldn't get you efi working correctly they way it was.
  3. Ok I share if some of you can take a look. Are there any possible issues that are visible from looking at the boot log? I've used this guides EFI file which initially didn't work so I removed a few patches, changed to 17.1 though not sure if it was a good choice but eventually it booted. but I feel I might have removed too much and not applied perhaps everything necessary. WORKING ethernet Nvidia USBs in the back off of motherboard NOT WORKING bluetooth (this one I'm bummed about) wifi front of the case 4 USBs Audio from HDMI going to TV(this one I'm really bummed) havne't tried the usb c 3.1 yet in the back boot.rtf
  4. This community is awesome. I simply could not have installed a Hackintosh without it! I wanted to have someone in the community to take a look at my boot log and see if there are any issues they could spot or improvement suggestions. Just not sure if I should post and ask for that here or just start a new thread? I've initially used this guide but it didn't work right away. After stripping some clover configurator settings I got it to boot and install. But I'm pretty novice and perhaps there are some things in the background that aren't utilized or put out errors that aren't so visible. anyway let me know and I can attach the boot log here along with a couple screenshots of my clover configurator setup.
  5. Hmm I think my motherboard is unlocked..? Could I get a confirm. looks slightly different from yours. boot.rtf
  6. How do I check if my x299 asrock taichi is unlocked? "X299 Systems with unlocked mainboard BIOS MSR 0xE2 BIOS register" I have successfully installed my first mackintosh using your EFI and guide. Now I'm going back just learning all of the things that kinda went over my head. Thank you for your guide
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    Post installation optimisation support

    Hey I'm a total noob but perhaps some info from this thread might help you out. https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/nvidia-update-simple-way-to-install-nvidia-web-drivers.244987/