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  1. G5 Hackintosh (mostly done)

    Omg, i didn't saw your work till now, it's impressive and almost identical to the kind of look i wanted to accomplish with the "Talulah" project. Close to stock as possible. Very nice work and lighting effects with the RAM and btw, i hope the PSU was totally discharged after leaving it for applying pressure lol! For the PCI divider i kept the 3 original standoffs close to the front of the case, and put some rubber spacers between standoff and bolt. Then the back is laying pretty much on top of the rear fan mounting. Though that, i didn't balance it very well, needs to be better measured because it's falling 1-2 mm, when i continue with it, i'll let you know. Btw, it's finished or are you improving anything else? Cheers!
  2. My nearly finished Hack the Tosh

    I wish i could have an original LCS system from the DP 2.5/2.7 or Quad ... those two Laing DDC pumps and the rad will make my current mod look as original as it is now ... but with my beloved watercooling as i have in the first one. Nice new work for a classic mod =) Btw, nice work with the plumbing ... i still never tried it after more than 5 years watercooling and i'm curious to test it someday, is it really worth the effort? I mean, did you notice a real and noticeable improvement for the temps using copper plumbing rather than plastic tubes? (theoretically it should)
  3. [worklog] Darkmac Pro

    Regarding the heatsink fins, i won't paint them, as you mention, they will loose efficiency because of the heat transfer index of the paint. And everytime i see your scheme ... i'm thinking in ... why not to paint it?
  4. [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    Count me in!
  5. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    You're welcome and yes, it's really a shame that it's not fitting for just 3,5mm ... would be so awesome, though that, leaves way more room than a full ATX PSU for the cables as well to maintain the original airflow. Cheers ;D
  6. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    Oh, i saw WTT work previously, but looking further ... the image of the naked PSU ... is it yours then? Cause i know what WTT did and that one was among the plans. Btw, the third method which is forthcoming in the tutorial ... imagine who is it from, hahahaha. You did a good job, but as i told you, i wasn't feeling that encouraged to do that kind of mod ... less to maintain it having to do the cable management with all that naked components lol
  7. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    Thanks for your words and tip, in fact i still didn't throw any of the original internals so i could cut the parts you say to hide more cables (WhatTheTech can tell you how obsessive i am with cable management, even the pictures you're seeing, being a PoC, i tried to manage all the wires i could in a smart way, did my best since the hole under the motherboard is less than 1cm but can be improved on next revisions) Though that, being honest i wanted to make it more functional (that's why i said LCD temp monitors or some other internal nice stuff) as well as stylish, but i'll give it a try in Photoshop and see how it looks. Only part that i won't apply any styling is the CPU fan mounting, as i say in the first post, i rewired the original plug, not the fans itself in that one so they're truly deattachable and that part is not really visible since it's covered with plastic too. Thanks again!
  8. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    Not really, i didn't want to mess a lot with the PSU removing it from its original case since this implied {censored}/unscrewing near the capacitors and that's one of the things i try to avoid if i can. You can notice it at the first post when i talk about rehousing PSU I saw some works as the one you did and mention (btw, can you link to yours? i'd love to see) ... and they're looking really professional, and for the airflow it's even better ... but still not encouraged as that to do that kind of mod, if i go with it someday, i'll ask you for help and safety guidance. Thanks for the tip!
  9. First of all, i know it's pretty basics but maybe you didn't covered it: did you tried to unplug PSU, removed battery, wait 5-10 minutes and then reset BIOS with the jumper? It's "manual stuff" but this saved my "life" tons of times when OC'ing. Second, is the system wanting to start at any point? I mean, when you hit the power button, is the system trying to start? Fans are spinning on and then off? Some leds are turning on? Does the MoBO halt on POST? Give us some clues to isolate the problem to one component. Thanks!
  10. [worklog] Darkmac Pro

    I knew you would come up with a good and nice solution, which you did =) Rig is looking so good, can't wait to see turned it on
  11. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    Hello everybody! So today was a busy day but at the end i reached to do a couple of things and almost manage to finish my proof of concept. First thing was to see if the motherboard was safely fixed, after 24 hours epoxy should be good so i tested to place the RAM sticks and see if it was able to hold the pressure, it did so it was safe to go on. After that, i needed the placeholder for the PCI divider which is the rear fan mounting, and with this i faced a problem. The result of using original standoffs and disposal makes that the back top clip of the fan mounting to hit the audio connectors, i thought my plan was over (since i also had the problem in the previous mod) but then i found a solution, i was going to cut that part, carefully and just a little bit, losing half clip at the most. Here is the result fitting like a charm: Next step was to route the fan plug under the motherboard, also i unpacked the BlackCH cable for the original front-panel which i also managed to route it under the mobo. Cutting the PCI divider was long, first cause that steel is pretty hard (it ate a whole reinforced dremel disk) and second because i had to take "visual" measures ... and i had to readjust the cut a couple of times but it finally did the job w/o touching RAM or heatsink:

 Once accomplished, it was time to insert the rest of the hardware kept in the original spots such as hard drive and graphics card. Then i placed the G5 CPU cover and this is the final result of the Proof of Concept, w/o and w/window: Of course, it's still not finished, at the end i didn't cut the back at all as i had in plan, i was unsure as i said yesterday and till i decide what to do with it i will use some PCI bracket USBs. Next will be arrange the fan controller, it will be oriented to control the fans opening the DVD slide door, so i have to turn and fix it. I'm planning to profit a 5,25" cage and sort it out to hold it as well as to hide some cables, i'll see. Of course cable management will be reviewed again and also i'm thinking to use the free gaps to stick some LCD screens showing system info ... but i'm unsure, if you have any other ideas, please share, i'll be glad to hear them and maybe consider to do it. Let me know what you think. Cheers and best regards! ------ I'm glad you like it, thanks! It's not fitting at all, G5 PSU cage is 60mm high at the outside, inner height is about 57-58mm while SFX is 63,5mm ...my initial idea was just to remove the cage and bend both sides so i will correct that 5mm difference ... but as i wanted everything to fit (cables included) i saw that i had to cut one of the sides. Did you manage to place an SFX PSU inside the G5 cage w/o cutting it?
  12. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    Ummm, so you cleared myself out, i saw my current G5 mod and i see it's gonna be hard to use the extensors with that spacing, anyway, as i said, the hole it's not gonna be so big if i cut the space for the USB's and two audio connectors. (as you can see in the mobo picture) Thanks for clarifying and pointint that out I know you're gonna get out with a nice idea, cutting is not part of your plan, go w/o doing it ninja!
  13. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    Exactly that For the ethernet i really i'm not gonna use it, i'm planning to get a PCI-E Wi-Fi DWA-556 or DWA-543 (hackintosh OOB compatible) ... DVI is not needed neither since i'm gonna use the connector out of the GTX 650 remaining in the original PCI spot (stand-offs were already glued to accomplish that purpose), only needed thing will be the USB's as well as the two audio connectors, i'm a lil bit affraid that maybe now is not enough room to do that and maybe i'll have to cut, but since i only need the 4 USB's and audio ... the hole shouldn't be that big. I know terrorgen at the forum is offering prebuilt rear mobo's but i'll have to ask him the exact size. Idk, still unsure on what to do with the back, honestly.
  14. [worklog] The PowerMac G5 "Talulah" Project

    Thanks Badouin! Regarding the back first what i will try is to use a couple of USB and audio extensors that i have and see if they fit to avoid cutting anything ... but if not, i will just dremel a little part of it to access that MoBo IO part. I will check tomorrow, do you have any ideas? Yeah, Aldous is gonna be happy his book is used to build a "brave new G5" lol, talking seriously, thanks for all your help with the PSU and guiding myself in the most important steps!!! Tomorrow "more and better" (as we say in Spain) Cheers buddies!
  15. [worklog] Darkmac Pro

    The anodizing finish looks amazing. Really "Dark Mac" style, even the apple logo got brighter, which accents the contrast, just great, i really feel envy of that scheme =) Cool spray-painting, it fits the color contrast perfectly. And very nice work with the radiator adding those spacers, now it's gonna be a real watercooled beast!!! Yeah! Keep up the good work, specially the professional aesthetics finishes since you're always good with that =)