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  1. 'boot0:error' or 'bo error' ? maybe you have another 'Darwin' folder in another partition. You should delete it.
  2. Update 2.4.2 1. support loading ubuntu 9.10 under GUID or MBR 2. Enhanced stability 3. Soft-load SLIC for Research -----------------
  3. 1)rd=diskXsY //This can be configured from within the plist 2) # b=x //Select default bootable partition and x seconds countdown (0<= x <=32767). This only can be done from the boot menu.
  4. You should place the the file 'com.apple.Boot.plist' in the folder '/Darwin' or '/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration'.
  5. Update 2.3.17 1. Boot retail Snow Leopard from DVD. 2. An improvement in loading Darwin/S/L/Extensions/*.kext
  6. iAtKos v7 maybe will install one bootloader at least, and it will damage the loader of win 7. You could have a try [1]-->[2]-->[4]-->fix win7 loader with the win7_DVD -->[3]-->[5] --------------
  7. Update 2.3 1. support Snow Leopard 2. support smbios.plist
  8. For Snow 64bit http://www.apple163.com/thread-1954-1-1.html
  9. Situation 1: You should download the lastest version 2.2.2 from: http://www.apple163.com/thread-1476-1-1.html It maybe solve the problem. Situation 2: Boot think V1 could undermine the Windows boot data, resulting in Windows booting error
  10. Maybe you could try to copy the file /Extra/Extentions.mkext to /Darwin/S/L/
  11. Maybe you need some extra kexts, because Boot Think does not take extra kexts along.
  12. Yes, i have no good idea now. Boot Think 2 do not support Snow now. "?video" lists the modes that the Boot Think supports. But the Leopard maybe support more. 'disabler.kext ' and 'decrypter.kext' are in the file /Darwin/rc/mkext
  13. The file '/darwin/rc/extensions.mkext' only for CD ---------------- I am so sorry for this. But i have fixed the bug in Boot Think 2.2.2. In the latest version, it will load the .plist file in /Darwin first. --------------------- You should run the file *:/Darwin/install.bat with Right-click it and selected "Run as Administrator" ------------------------- First thank you very much for your test and your report. Boot Think only can recognise the ntldr(for XP) and bootmgr(for Vista or Win 7). So if your Vista and Win 7 use the same bootmgr, the windows boot menu will appear. The file 'SetupMBR.bat' will rewrite the MBR for Boot Think, to make the Boot Think to be loaded first when your PC power on. ----------------------- If Boot Think was installed under XP, you could uninstall it and reboot your PC. If Boot Think was installed under Leopard, you could have a try with chameleon 2. If the problem remain, I guess it maybe some thing wrong with the partitions. ---------------
  14. Download the latest version Boot Think 2.2 for windows and install under Win 7. ---------------
  15. Update 2.2 (suggestion that all users update) 1. fixed some bugs that may be result in the Windows system does not be recognized 2. support loading the files /Darwin/System/Library/Extentions/*.kext under windows download: http://www.apple163.com/thread-1476-1-1.html You can download the Boot Think 2.2. It have fixed the bug. -------------------