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  1. hey man just wanted to say thank you heaps for packing that installer and replacement kext up, saved me heaps of headaches and all my stuff is working again. legend!
  2. thanks for the reply mate, i actually ended up inserting your plist dictionaries into fakeSMC within the EFI partition kext in the 10.10 folder. I also grabbed the dictionary entry for the ASmedia1061 as i've got two of those cards in the machine too. My burners still don't work perfectly but good enough to get the job done for now. Stability still seems really good. Next is to get things like speed step and sleep and those other finer details sorted. Good luck with your move to clover, i think its a really clean way of doing it!
  3. Thanks for making this thread, it came in really useful when i was setting up my board. I've used clover as i just can't get it to be stable with chameleon or chimera.. going to clover made it work really well and with a GTX980 also. Everything works BUT i get the generic ahci issue and my PCI Sata cards (based on AS1061) don't work with my disc burners. I understand i can inject the SATA info that you posted into clover but i'm not clued up enough to know how to do it just yet. Have you made the jump to Clover?
  4. total noob here but trying to get large transfers to work using this kext.... does this look right? have just installed newest version and was checking over the info.plist <key>IOProviderClass</key><string>IOPCIDevice</string> <key>NETIF_F_TSO</key> <true/> </dict> should that be in a <string> ?
  5. smidge

    Realtek RTL8187(L)

    I can get it to work in 32, but not 64. No one has this working in 64bit mode though right? the WLAN Utility is simply not able to do it. solutions?
  6. hi all, got a GT250 in my current i7 setup, working nicely. Am going to migrate that card to an i3 build i've just finished anad would like to upgrade the one in the i7. My local PC place has plenty of 4xx and 5xx series Nvidia cards, i'd love to keep it simple and upgrade to one that is just plug and play, perhaps only with a graphics string.. is there such a card? and is a GTX285 out of a Mac Pro a good option?
  7. anyone managed to get the 6gig sata ports to work? i've maxed out the 6 normal ones
  8. anyone managed to get the two extra SATA ports to work? i've maxed out the 6 normal ones, the 6gb ones crash the system if i plug anything in is there a bios setting for it?
  9. smidge

    Marvell 9128 DSDT

    is this an attempt to get the 3g/s sata ports working under OSX? had wondered if it would make any real world difference to use these with the current HDD's available..
  10. smidge

    Geekbench 2.0

    hey nex what motherboard are you running to get those kinda scores? Aircooled? did you set up the overclock in windows using those utils and then run mac os afterwards? cheers
  11. hi all, been playing with overclocking my Asus p6x58d-e with an i7 930 on it seems like a very common combination in PC land, i've been reading up on how its done and seeing some noticeable improvements in geekbench, (from low 9's up to high 12's when really pushing it) i do lots of video work so a fast machine is good! plus overclocking is kinda addictive I've got good cooling but still seeing idle temps close to 50 when pushing it, never seen load higher than 75deg but i'm not sure mac os x utilises all 8 cores in anything i make it do i'm thinking of installing XP on a seperate drive just so i can use some of the utilities i've got, i'd like to optimise all my settings without compromising stability my main question is this - does a stable XP burn period mean OS x is likely to be just as stable?
  12. hey guys i've got a similar setup p6x58d-e / i7 930 / 1600mhz Kingston Hyper X but i can't seem to get above 9000 on geekbench with stock settings (apart from ram timing) temperature sits around 45idle / 65load should i delve into overclocking this beast or am i better off doing a proper DSDT re-install with the latest stuff around here, is that likely to affect my geekbench scores?
  13. mine worked fine, followed this instructions lan not working but i use a different card anyway that seems to work on more systems http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=222761
  14. SUCCESS! It worked beautifully! Not sure how to quantify how much faster it is than my old setup, what kind of Xbench result should i be expecting from this i wonder? I simply copied over the extras folder from your archive, ran the kext utility to fix permissions, installed your version of the bootloader over the chameleon that was already there and then the audio kext via kext-helper. restarted and its working fine! Can give more details if anyone needs them.
  15. Thanks for your hard work Kup! I plan to replace the older kexts and plists etc with the ones from your setup and use chameleon if possible so i can leave my current 10.6.4 installation as is if that doesn't work i'll do a fresh install and start from scratch