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  1. Azariel

    The Cider Wrapper Library

    well i tried swkotor 2 wrapper, it works ok but without frame buffer effects and soft shadows. anyone knows how to enable them?(i mean with tweaks, the options are greyed out atm)
  2. Azariel

    Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    why dont you try crossover games? guild wars is compatible with it, i think its worth a shot.
  3. Azariel

    Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    the game's exiting is not about the cider port, its about the game itself. if i remember correctly from what i read about it, its because of the game having missing files. try to port a different version and see what happens and search about this problem on the web too it will help you understand the problem causing it to exit.
  4. Azariel

    Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    that "official" hitman release is the 3rd game, hitman contracts. i was talking about the 4th game, hitman blood money.
  5. Azariel

    Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    crash test and -Ussu, i managed to port hitman blood money with the version that cantstandable posted on "newest cider version from gametap" topic, which is Oblivion/Gametap version (000983) and it worked. though i wasnt able to play coz the game i downloaded was not working properly, but i assure you it lets you save a profile. so use the oblivion/gametap version in the cantstandable's topic and you'll be able to play it.(if you have the proper version of the game of course)