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  1. Paragon NTFS and 64 bit Snow Leopard

    Hey BJMoose... what about the MacFuse Test?
  2. I have installed Snow Leopard using this guide I found that (like in my Macbook Pro 17) when you launch with the 64bit kernel you must use 64bit kexts because 32bits will not be loaded. The bootloader is set to launch with the 64bit kernel by default. The way to fix this is here Now, my Hackintosh Snow Leopard installation is working OK!
  3. Well... this isn't a real fix, it's just a tweak and will help you not only with the Ralink adapters... also will help with other equipment or 32bit kexts... When you install Snow Leopard (as I did yesterday) you may find that some of your hw will not work even if you can install the drivers. I also have a MBP 17" that did the same with some 3rd party drivers (like the one for xbox 360 controllers / they still can't work... that's another story). The problem is when Chameleon (I have installed it using the tuto depicted here) launches SL, it does in 64mode by default. When you launch the OS in this way, it start the 64bit kernel that needs 64bit drivers... and the ralink drivers, ntfs support(paragon/macfuse) and others are in 32bits so they can't be loaded. The fix: launch Snow Leopard with the 32bit kernel(other programs keeps running in 64bit) Start terminal Type sudo -s and type your password. CAUTION: you're right now in superuser mode... so be very careful... locate the folder Extras in "/" edit the file com.apple.Boot.plist (using nano) locate the KEY "Kernel Flags" insert this value: "<string>arch=i386</string>" (you may find here an empty <string>... you can use it...) Save & close the file (in nano is Ctrl-X, confirm the name and press Y to acept all changes) Reboot! Install the Ralink driver (or other 32bit driver you need) I figured out this because, as I said before, in my MBP17" when I launch the system with the 64bit kernel all my 32bit kernel extensions can't be loaded... so when I installed SL into my Hackintosh using the guide previously mentioned, I found the same sympthom with all the 32bit kernel extensions... Well... I hope this can help you... remember, this can help with a lot of 32bit kexts, but you cand find some others that maybe don't work for you... and sorry for my bad english.
  4. TSC sync XNU patch

    time for a post installer, huh? LOL I have already replaced my kernel, but I can test your installer.
  5. TSC sync XNU patch

    Thanx Cosmo1t... you're THE MAN...
  6. Have the same problem... When I'm installing the driver included on last release(1.20) my hackintosh doesn't turn off. btw, I have another problem with the sound driver for STAC9200... I'm still using the Taruga stac9200.txt + HDAPatcher1.20, because when I using sonotone's driver, the boot time takes too long(near 14-18 minutes)... So I have to delete the Extensions, delete the HDAXXX folder from /Library/StartupItems in single mode session, rebooting and the boot time backs to normal(40 secs) now I want to collaborate with you guys... I have a inspiron 9400 with stac9200, geforce 7800 256Mb, core 2 duo T7200, etc... so if you want to test something, you can count with me. Also, I can give support to insanelymac's users who doesn't speak english. Regards, Elias
  7. TSC sync XNU patch

    str8edgepunker, I have already did that... but the problem is my usb system was gone! So I have to be attached now to 9.5.0 and cpus=1 in my Boot.plist file
  8. TSC sync XNU patch

    Please Cosmo1t... help us...