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    [Help] QE/CI problems with a gt 710

    on my lunch break I unchecked inject nvdia and copied to new config into the correct directory and I am still having the issue. Is there something else I am missing here? Maybe a full reinstall might fix it? I am hoping this isnt a hardware issue with the card itself. Thanks for all your help by the way! really means alot I am running on 10.12.16 so that could be an issue. Excuse my ignorance but where can I find the lilu and plugin? would installing to High Sierra solve my problems?
  2. 16BitHusky

    [Help] QE/CI problems with a gt 710

    Ok I will try that tonight. So I shouldnt need the web drivers either?
  3. Hello, am running sierra on a optiplex 780 with a pny gt 710. I followed a step by step guide here. My machine boots fine and actually shows that the pny 710 is recognized I have attached a link with proof. My issue is when I am doing anything that relates to video it artifacts and slows alot. I understand that this is a cheap graphics card but from what I read online it seems like the other hackintoshes dont have this issue with this card. I am wondering if you have had any similar problems or solutions to this. I also have attached my config file. I asked around on reddit and they said this could be related to the qe/ci. I am pretty new at this so I don't know how to enable this. I have installed the web drivers for 10.12.6 and that hasnt changed anything.