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  1. Wouldn't it be best to write what parts you buy instead of only linking to websites. Because very soon it might be out of date if you just link to other sites... Just my
  2. Pirates of silicon valley

    To bad the question part is down
  3. Is it true that Intel went and wanted to invest money in apple when they were a garage company? 250 000 dollars according to the movie.
  4. I have been thinking about apple, osx and x86. Apple will probably never release an osx86 version. Why do we want osx86? The reason I have read about is that people want to build their on system. What if apple would sell motherboard and osx86? Then they get money. Average joe would still buy a mac but people like us will buy the motherboard. Now, what do you seriously think?
  5. OKay, I just read at a company wepshop and it said that you owuld get the free upgrade for your computer you ordered... The wepshop But it is only for the 2 "lower" models, and I looked in the lists of products to find that out.
  6. In sweden you get the upgrade without paying more for the computer
  7. Can my system run mac osx

    From what I know it should be a very good system. The only thing I don't know is the nvidia, but I know that the guys seems to work like crazy to get good drivers for nvidia cards. But there is only one way to know, try to install it