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  1. [AMD] 10.6.8 Guide - written by Devout

    I have the same CPU, and the same problem. Have AHCI turned on.
  2. Hi there! I'm trying to boot SL post-install. I tried booting using legacy_kernel and "arch=i386 busratio=18 -force64". I get the following KP. What am I still doing wrong?
  3. @zpliptzy I've got the FX-4100 AMD CPU and after installing with the modCD I can't get it to boot. modbin_kernel just hangs after a while.
  4. Ok. Removed that .kext, rebooted. Got KP from an unused Realtek kext, removed it. Now it boots, catches boot device, but hangs somewhere after the FireWire full-secure warning (that's the last line on the screen).
  5. Didn't think about trying that. Booted as instructed and still got kernel panic, but at least I could snap a pic. Could you take a look at it and see what's wrong?
  6. Hello everyone! I'm having the following problem with the install: I managed to patch and boot the retail disk using the modbin kernel. It installed fine, on a HD that previously had 10.5.8 on it. Computer rebooted ok, Chameleon loaded, but booting the 10.6 install now failed. Legacy kernel insta-reboots and mach_kernel freezer on an empty screen. Modbin kernel panics, but at least I can get a screenshot. I feel like I'm so close I can't quit now. Please help Current specs are: AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz AsRock 870 iCafe R2.0 (latest BIOS update) GeForce 7300GT 4GB RAM
  7. Hamachi and leopard

    same here... on an athlon le. i believe it's because the software is written with intel-only code.
  8. hey i had the same problem: 4GB RAM, Gigabyte mobo w/o AHCI switch, kernel panic whenever using torrents for files larger than 2,5GB or so. I added the maxmem string and it worked. but i'm still a bit upset that 1gb of RAM is now useless. But thanks alot! you really helped me!
  9. i'll bump this up as i have a similar problem. after a failed 10.5.5 update and a leo4all reinstall (upgrade, not clean install) it boots up and works perfectly until i have some admin task to do... like disk utility or preferences. when i'm prompted for a password i enter my normal one (the one that i chose upon user creation, with full admin privileges) and i get the invalid user/pass error. i tried resetting the pass from the leopard disk but that doesn't seem to work either. Can anyone please help us?
  10. SATA DVD Writer problem

    hey! i've got a problem too with my SATA DVDRW... It's an ASUS DRW 2014L1T connected on the second SATA port. It's not burn-supported and i can't get it to boot with the kalyway dvd. I read most of the thread on the board regarding SATA and ACPI but it doesn't seem to apply to my mobo (as in i have no ACPI/IDE switch in the BIOS setup). I'm booting using grub installed on a linux drive with boot EFI v8. Leopard is installed on another SATA drive. I hope what i wrote helps someone figure out what's going on. I figure i skipped some essential kext on the way, but i don't know which. thanks
  11. i'm on nForce 520 and got audio working with AppleHDAPatcher and LAN by buying a cheapo realtek pci nic.
  12. [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    does anyone know of a solution for nForce 520 southbridge LAN?
  13. i'd like to thank kaly for a no-hassle crash-free install. everything except the builtin NIC works perfectly after-install (i'll look into that issue later). i loaded it with stuff i use regularly on my mac (adobe cs2 using rosetta among others) and it hasn't crashed once during its first week! you're my hero!