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  1. NForce SATA Controller

    Hey domenico, any chance that following would work? Acer 7520 Laptop Nvidia 610M MCP68 Disk is PATA, vendor ID of controller 056010de Answer please, I am willing to test whatever you'd send me, I think this would help lot of folks out. since acer laptop are quite out there a lot Thanks a lot again
  2. NForce SATA Controller

    I was thinking why nobody sends edited extensions.mkext since it's ony 13MB, it would save a lot of time and experimenting for everybody.
  3. NForce SATA Controller

    accept my appologies, I'd swore I came trought it all, must have been tired, but I just searched http in this topic nad eventualy found the link, I'm gonna try it now, only thing 4 gig big is my memory card in my psp, so guys, wish my luck
  4. NForce SATA Controller

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE Please tell me how to put kext into dvd iso. I know this is lame question, that slows down this topic and you're sick of those lame questions, but please, I couldn't find that anywhere, is it just that I'll put kext file in there trough poweriso or transmac or something like that? Please note that I have acces only to windows at this moment, I already solved one issue with upgrading BIOS, but now I am stuck with this - I don't see any drives. And because I'm a retard I already deleted ISO, because why would I need it after burning right Well anyways, I almost have it again, so if somebody could please tell me how to implement kext in a meantime I'd appreaciate it very much, thanks in advance for saving me bunch a blank dvd.
  5. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    hello, my first problem was that installation didn't even started, I sovled that by updading phoenix bios to v1.11, but now I got pretty common problem here, but I can't figure it out (yet hopefully) - disk utility does't see any hard drives. Could anybody help me please? Some kind of how-to, please? mine laptop is acer aspire 7520, chipset nvidia 610M I believe
  6. I had the same problem, I have acer laptop and I overcame it with BIOS update fromj acer's site, b/c I heard jmicron problem can be solved like that and it actually worked, but now I'm stuck with fact that I don't see no drives. Hope this helps, btw dont worry about updating bios, now a days it can be done in a sec and I found it very safe
  7. Hi. After installation I needed to install some basic software know from windows and I found some of them and some not, so I created this topic where (I hope) you'll public software you use. So here's my list, and please extend it Total Commander --->disk order winzip --->stufflt expander Maxthon (browser) ---> Flock (also browser ) Icq ---> icq (so old for Macs) or xfire bsplayer ---> vlcmedia player utoorent ---> tomato torrent - seems to weak to me, is there better one? office ---> open office I thought it would be more, but maybe something will come on my mind later. So again extend this poor (for now) list. And there's one more think I want to know: I was used to use many warez sites for Windows, but I don't know any for mac, so If anybody knows let me know (could be pm). And how actually warez scene works on macs? Do even here exists cracks/serials/patchs or you simply download it? I would like to download iLife - do you have any links? Torrents seems to be empty Thanks in advance for answers bb
  8. setup can't see partiton to install

    I knew how to create partition by diskpart, I did it so before. I increased free space using Partition magic and created ad=if partition Now I have formatted partition by Disk utility, but it seems that nothing is good for Mac , because now I get error like thah: Mac can't be installed on this partition, because it cannot be started up (or something like that, I can't remember whole frase any more) What shall I do plaeeeaaase?
  9. No Destination To Select

    well, as I promised I've tried it, now after erasing I can see partition,but I can't add it, because it types, that Os X cannot be started up from this partition. Any suggestions?
  10. No Destination To Select

    arroba, no I always knew that is needed to make partition with diskpart and I did it as well. Last picture is my desperate try to make partition 6660MB large as in 10.4.1 guide . But I am going to try it last time, lets pray for me
  11. No Destination To Select

    I've got exactly same problem. There's no other way as wmarsh described? It too radical for me But my suggestion is to find a problem which caused this. Situation on my disk looks like this:
  12. I was keeping profit48's guide and everything was fine, till i ran setup, which couldn't see partition i recently created. I was thinking about apple built-in disk manager , but it typed that all other partitions will be destroyed, and I get scared. Is it true, that whole disk will be deleted? I am not 100% sure, so I am asking here for getting sure. So my question is: Is it secure to use 10.4.3 disk manager to create partition? And if not what else should I try. Please answer qucikly, cause I wanna roar Tiger tonight Sorry for my English, I hope you'll understood what I mean