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  1. all of you with "successful" install, have you tried reinstall using time machine backup? I tried, it seemed reinstalled from time-machine, but it can't boot. I tried to reinstall it on a drive with xp already in place. thanks.
  2. Tool I have is Gpart Live Cd and another blank hard drive, however I can combine XP to hd1 since there's a lot space there, but I need to shrink osx partition first. Any suggestion is appreciated.
  3. Working first-time Install! Yay!

    Congrats on your successful install. Yeah, it gave some funny feeling when I first see welcome screen after dvd install. I got mine "work" first time, ie it had network, usb and video using iAtkos v2. Then I patched natit and applehda to get video card and sound to work. Initially at the install I had linksys wmp54g v4.1 which didn't work, so last night I replaced it with wmp54gs v1.1 which should work, but does not. Tinkered around a bit last night I gave up. So I'm going reinstall on another spare drive and see what happens.
  4. (Leo update) Kext Helper beta7

    thanks for application. it helped alot as osx newb
  5. I have a good success installing iATKOS v2 on the same mb with intel E4500 (from frys too). The component I put on the system is some old NEC DVD burner and 150 GB Maxtor on ide (1 partition, but I may reimage it and put 2 partitions for another o/s in the future). Everything works except Audio needs patch (AppleHDA kext, found from searching this board) and the output is from the audio out plug, not from the mic plug as reported before. I also put EVGA 7300 GS video, and it needs natit kext to work. My linksys WMP54g (later version) wireless does not work. I may use powerline ethernet adapter if I can't find a working wireless pci. In summary, it's quite painless to install, patching non working components just need a lot 'googling' Hope this helps.