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  1. I'm having an issue in Kalyway 10.5.2 with ghosting around everything, especially anything with a dark background. Anyone got a solution because it's getting annoying. I have a GMA 915 with QE & CI working.
  2. I have an issue with Kalyway 10.5.2 with just about everything appearting faint next to the original, it's really annoying & not related to shadows (I tried an app to kill all shadows & it still showed) does anyone have a solution? I realize now that I posted this in the Tiger section, officially making me stupid.
  3. Thanks for the reply, by the mid 2008 case, do you mean the unibody? Or do you mean logic board? Just to verify, this is what I have now: This is what I want (different keys such as itunes control, dashboard, expose & cmd keys) They're exactly the same size, so the case shouldn't be an issue, I was just wondering about the connector & how it would be recognized by the logic board.
  4. SO I recently upgraded the hard drive in my 2007 MacBook Pro, reconnected everything, but the white sleep light doesn't work anymore. I'm assuming I must have damaged the cable somehow (seems to join up with the hard drive cable). Does anyone have a fix or should I just invest in a new HD / Sleep Light / IR Sensor cable?
  5. I had an old Western Digital external hard drive lying around, & the superdrive on my macbook pro is bust, so I ripped the old case open & took out the board that has USB, power & SATA, & plugged in a DVD drive where the hard drive would have been. It powers up & all, just snow leopard won't recognise it as a superdrive, in system profiler it shows up as an external hard drive. EDIT: A fix for the superdrive, at first it was spitting out almost every DVD or CD I inserted without mounting, reading the odd one, I was about to give up & buy a new one when I decided taking the superdrive apart & cleaning the laser by hand couldn't hurt, so I did, & it works great!
  6. I was wondering if the connection is the same on the early 2008 macbook pro keyboards as my 2007 one, this may seem silly but the lack of media control & expose keys in the ones before 2008 is really annoying me, I used them all the time on the apple keyboard I used with my hacintosh.
  7. I finally got iPC installed (booting from CD just hung at blue screen, finally installed successfully running the install within Kalyway 10.5.2) but now it's going ridiculously slow, the evil spinny thing pops up every 20 seconds or so & the amount it freezes for a about 10 seconds is crazy. It's not my laptop because Kalyway 10.5.2 was blazing fast. Specs in sig for Toshiba Equium. Also, I've just realized I'm not an administrator, I was before the install & I'm the only user.
  8. I'm running Kalyway 10.5.2 & wanted to try out the new Safari beta, so I changed my systemversion.plist to 10.5.6 & installed Security Update 2009-001, restarted, when I tried to login, I typed my password, pressed enter, got a blue screen for a few seconds then it took me back to the login screen. Anyone know how to make it work successfully?
  9. Jovu

    AppleHDA Patcher Results

    I run it, & my sound works now However, since getting my sound working I've been getting kernel panics every now & then. iPC 10.5.6 Sigmatel 9200
  10. Awesome! Great to know someones actually working on a driver, can't wait until Feb!
  11. Good luck! Been waiting for the driver for a long time
  12. Jovu

    Video Jumpy

    Just recently all my videos are jumpy, streaming & on my computer. Any fixes? Celeron D with 2GB RAM. EDIT: I think it got scared, as soon as I posted this thread it started working again (I restarted & it still did it, for a bit)
  13. Jovu

    Slick hackintosh cases

    I love this case, I'll be using one in my build. I also love stuff that glows, I think I may be part human part fly!
  14. Jovu

    Building Hack Pro

    I'm not to good with the power stuff, would it be possible to add more fans than the board has sockets by plugging them into the PSU directly, because the case has 4 fans, & that's without adding a CPU fan & possibly card fans. (Yes they all glow, why does everybody hate glowing stuff? I love it, there's just something about blue lights. As for the waiting, I'll try my best, I can't wait 'till march when I can finally get this off the ground I probably will be going with the Asus, there's nothing that can't easily be fixed apart from the sound, & I'll be buying a sound card, which leads me to my next question, what's the best good sound card for hackintosh? I haven't managed to find anything on this.
  15. Jovu

    Building Hack Pro

    The 8800 GT is the card I'm probably gonna buy. I'll be getting the case for xmas & will get the money for the more pricey parts in March hopefully, I'll be sure to keep this thread updated! Does the P45 allow dual GPU's? Also, does it have 6 or more 4 pin fan connectors? I was also thinking about Core 2 Quad, although I'm really not sure I'll need it, are they fully supported? EDIT: Found out the mobo has 4 fan connectors, which kinda sucks for adding a CPU fan. Is it possible to add them or do you have to get them with the mobo? (The 4 pin fan connectors) Also, does the mobo support the retail install disk? That would be pretty awesome. EDIT2: How is the Asus Maximus II Formula? It seems to have everything I want from a mobo.