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  1. Would a q9550 run High Sierra as well as El Capitan performance wise? I am on a Asus P5e/Q6600 (SSE3) and it would be a cheap upgrade for now.
  2. JBX


    page says 1.01 but linked file is 1.0.
  3. JBX

    [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    I want to try the Sierra patch tool. But I need the Public Beta (Not having luck with FakeCPUID... though I am newbie to Clover, will read up some more). UPDATE: OK... I have it downloading. I found and changed smbios that works for me in Clover (iMac 10.1). No need for FakeCPUID at this time.
  4. JBX

    [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Can not download from app store because "computer unsupported".... Yes I know but there is a workaround I want to try. Apple :/
  5. JBX

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 is out

    Update no problem... had to rest audio out in system prefrences.
  6. JBX

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 is out!

    Patched AppleHDA otherwise fine.
  7. JBX

    OS X 10.11.3 is out!

    No issues here.
  8. JBX

    Disk Utility (patched_v2)

    1 question... is it safe to use repair permissions from the older version or dose not matter?
  9. JBX

    Disk Utility (patched_v2)

    Works fine... Thank you.
  10. JBX

    Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    would depend on your hardware... put it in your signature... it would help others to help you. I have an older motherboard so I use Chameleon or Clover (in Legacy). Also for me I actually use less custom kext in clover (atm only 1 for my LAN), which is nice.
  11. JBX

    Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    Hope I am not out of line here but..... You can still use the last version. Just temporarily re-name the Install OS X El Capitan to Install OS X El Capitan GM then run the app to make installer USB. I just tested and works fine. Also you can use Chris's Universal OS X Installer app or even the His Clover app (but install your boot loader part). Many Thanks for your work Chris.
  12. For me it still occurs now and then. Especially if I had not booted into El Cap for a day or more. Re-boot usually fixes it but wondering if it was the update or a Clover issue? (is it a legacy quirk? but I see some of you running EFI). I did not notice it with 10.11 GM candidate though hard to say since the .1 update was soon after. Update: of course now that I said it, it is happening more often.
  13. EDID... So I am new to Clover. With Yosemite and before use Chameleon and injected my graphics in org.chameleon.Boot.plist with native OS X Drivers worked fine. Do you think I need to inject EDID in Clover? Update: Issue has not showed up today but I also tested using clover configurator and added custom EDID, however with this boot will hang on bluetooth error. So reverted confine file.
  14. You mean like THIS ? But not happening on every boot for me. seems random,
  15. Guys the issue I mentioned earlier after 10.11.1 update is back (see pictures)... only goes away when I run kext utility and reboot (or is this a random issue of running Clover in Legacy?). Ran all day yesterday with many reboots without it happening, but since my computer was shut down, today when I choose to boot to El Cap, it is back.