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  1. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    How can that be possible? I mean how is that legal? In the Licence Agreement of Mac OSX it says something like that you are NOT allowed to install OSX on NON-APPLE Hardware? So HTF is that possible?
  2. Thanks for your reply HeXeDOSOK! OK, the screenshot was from my hackintosh and not vmware... I done a bit of research and found out that my onboard gfx wont work, because there are no working kext for it. This also means that i need to stick to the 1024x768 resulution which sux Anyway, i'll get a new card which will work with it! Thanks again everyone for your help!
  3. lol Cool! I hope it will be improved like faster browsing...
  4. Encrypting & Hiding a DMG

    lol nice guide kinkster! But currently i dont have anything to hide
  5. Oh so this means it wont work at all on mac Can this be fixed if i get different graphic card? Is this with the Kalyway 10.5.2 image?
  6. OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"

    Oh, so no visual improvements but performance... I would have loved to see a "Fade In" effect when restarting/shutting down osX just like in vista That would look so much better...
  7. About this Mac Graphics

    lol nice find pcwiz! Didnt notice that...
  8. What's QE/CI? Sorry... Really? I'll try that in windows, as this error doesnt occur there but a different one. EDIT OK, i found out what QE/CI is and how to check if my system supports it. Here: I dont understand now. It says Software on CI but what does that mean now...? Thanks for you help again!
  9. I just downloaded fusion 2 beta 1 and i get the same error as on fusion 1. Do you know what this means? It's the same error i get with fusion 1 when i try to run a virtual machine
  10. run leopard off a 8/16GB flash drive

    And it's as easy as that? WOW, i need to try that and boot into mac at school
  11. About this Mac Graphics

    Cool. At least i can be useful sometimes
  12. About this Mac Graphics

    PCWiz, here are two i made for you quickly: 1. 2. Just some quick tries. Use them if you want. (I didnt have the font used in that AMD one, so i chose another font). Hope you like it Here: http://rapidshare.com/files/120989897/Intel-1.html http://rapidshare.com/files/120989898/Intel-2.tif.html (Couldn't upload on this forums server for some reasons [upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file] )
  13. Oh, I see... Looks like my project is cancelled then... I wanted to create a guide to install kalyway with lots of detail and screenshots, but it looks like i cant to that anymore