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    Best Partition Table for Triple Booting

    It won't happen tonight, but a month down the road when the geniuses have done their work and made it usable, I want to be able to set everything up without having to repartition, reformat, and start over.
  2. Hi all, My MacBook arrives today, and before I get too involved in it I'd like to setup partitions so as to have room to install Linux and hopefully windows for a true triple-boot system. It's coming with a 120GB hard drive, so I was thinking of doing 100/10/10. My main concern is whether Linux will need a swap and potentially boot partition. Any suggestions? Thanks, John
  3. John Laxson

    Any MBP purchasers?

    I ordered a 1.83/2.0 MBP CTO about 20 minutes after it was announced (11:03 PST January 10), and I was delighted to receive an email today saying that the MacBook had shipped, 20:30 Shanghai, China time according to FedEx. The day isn't too far off, you can make it.