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  1. To Anv, can you please help me to get applesmbuscontroller fix for MCP67 ? or at least teach me how to make modification so that it work for my chipset. Im trying to make this work as well as the applesmbuspci.kext and smc_pdrc_plugin. I believe these are few keys to make work to nvidia MCP and shared memory geforce cards.
  2. ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Hi . just wondering if ur patcher can resolve the shared memory graphic card like mine.. geforce 7000M ? I have been experimenting with the dsdt from MP5.1 which uses 9400M shared memory graphic card but to no avail. Is there a template for nforce/MCP DSDT?
  3. New mac starts using shared memory nvidia chip 9400M

    I felt that the new kext made by apple to run 9400 with integrated memory can somehow be used to create/hack for use by 7000M, 6150 and 7150 GPU. There are actually other kext in line with the MCP architecture. The SMU, Nvenet and upstreamuserclient are few kext which is added on for nvidia integrated chipset. I have a 7000M IGPU and when i tried the 10.5.6 kexts, the IOregexp showed that there upstreamuseclient kext is loaded and part of the downline under LCD and CRT. NVenet loads well and functioning. SMU is not loaded. Am trying to find out anyone knows how. Probably the NVresman.kext and NVDAHAL needs the proper IGPU architecture tables.
  4. hi i couldnt seem to find your download link for the kext download. Only download for the application is available.
  5. Hi , Im having an acer 4520 AMD Turion 64x2 TL60 processor with Geforce 7000M integrated graphic chipset. I've been trying hard to get the graphic card to work with QE/cI support but to no avail. I know this thread was suppose for mod BIOS so that the cores can be recognised. But wondering if you have any idea as to whether the BIOS play a role for OS X to recognise my graphic card as to then allocate the appropriate system memory to it. As you see Geforce 7000M has no dedicated video memory. So BIOS allocation of the system memory may play a role here. I have tried using the latest 10.5.5 geforce kext drivers from the macbook pro update but still end up having freeze screen during boot up. Hope you can help.
  6. 7150m

    I have downloaded the NV drivers for 9000 series as posted in one of the threads(forgot which one, but should be the latest kext which is extracted from the macbook update) And change the dev id in geforce.kext, NVResman.kext and NVDNV40HAL.kext as well as change the probescore to 0. Inserted EFIstring into the com.boot.plist. But to no avail. Not sure whether the NVCAP value is correct or not.
  7. 7150m

    I have a geforce 7000M using my acer 4520 laptop. Manage to install 10.5.5 and trying hard to get QE/CI working. GFX string + latest geforce and NV kext from 10.5.5 just froze my screen. Any other people trying and found any solution please share. I update my 10.5.4 using patch 10.5.5 update by leo4all and then inject gfx string using the os86tool but no avail...