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    -Apple on PC:Kalyway_leo 10.5.1<br /><br />-HP DC7600C Convertible mini tower(Pentium 4 640)<br />-2,5 GB RAM<br />-Nvidia 6600GT (It works at moment 1024x768)<br />-LAN (BCM5750) not working<br />-Audio Realteck ALC 260 (work only output with AzaliaAudio)<br />
  1. Everything Works flawlessly, QI & QE support!! thanks Timo
  2. what about, with modbin kernel 9.4.0??? (Intel P4 user??) It's also safe?? thanks to all, timo
  3. Apple fa causa a Psystar

    al momento il sito della Psystar è chiuso!! (http://www.psystar.com/) leggendo i vari post sono d' accordo con molti di voi! se vi piace OsX acquistate un MAC, ma al momento io mi godo lì OsX su PC (e funziona alla grande), ma prima o poi quando avrò un bruzzoletto acquisterò un MAC.... ma intanto così facendo l' OSX sta entrando in molte case, come è successo anni fa con windows e le copie pirata..... timo
  4. 10.5.4 is released !

    Colonel, For P4 (i've a P4 640 3,2 GHz) you can use the hacked modbin kernel from here: http://www.infinitemac.com/940-modbin-kernel-for-amd-intel/ i' don't know if it works with celeron... timo
  5. 10.5.4 is released !

    Ufo_all: I had some problems on the first time i tried to update to the 10.5.4, can you show your hardware and your version? kalyway 10.5.x?? timo
  6. 10.5.4 is released !

    Wow, I was able to update also my PCintosch to the 10.5.4!! and everything seems to work greatly!! I just boot with the following: update -v -x (safe mode for the first time) thanks to all
  7. Cerco case enclosure G5 o mac pro chassis

    http://www.dvwarehouse.com timo
  8. Dacci qualche info in + del tuo HW!! timo
  9. la 10.5.4? E' uscita!

    No puoi anche tu effettuare l' aggiornamento, devi seguire questa guida: tratta dal post inglese: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...3290&st=100 --------------------------------------------------------------------- what you need for easy update is: osx tools: http://code.google.com/p/osx86tools/downloads/list the modbin kernel(its the one which is hacked 9.4 for now, you can change toh to modbin) http://www.infinitemac.com/940-modbin-kernel-for-amd-intel/ http://www.mediafire.com/?voiwzyo0yn3 if ur os is 10.5.2 and lower u'll need a combo update(everything in one install from 10.5.0. to 5.4) http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/macosx1054update.html ok, lets start: !!!BACKUP ALL YOUR EXTENSIONS BEFORE STARTING INSTALLATION PROCESS!!! Open Terminal sudo -s *type password* while sleep 1; do rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext; done Open 10.5.4 Update Installer Run update BUT DO NOT PRESS RESTART Go back to your terminal and press Control C to end the script In terminal type: nano /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1 DONT RESTART Replace the line Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext with dsmos.kext IF ON THE BOTTOM OF THE TERMINALL SCREEN SAYS NEW FILE DONT SAVE IT, that means installer script didn't put anything to install during startup! Now, if you're running hacked kernel, which toh is(ASAIK), DONT RESTART open osx tools, click update kernel, choose a file name to backup ur original kernel, choose the new one click ok, type password and thats all. but: DONT RESTART replace system.kext from the kernel download with the one in your extensions folder. bring back osx tools, check the following: repair permissions set kext permissions, clear extensions cache click run selected tasks then if all went good, just recall if you have done everything(backup extensions, run the sleep script in terminal and finished it, installed the update, installed the kernel and system.kext, repaired permissions) and if yes. you're ready to restart. keep in mind, that some specific hardware might not be working properly after restart(WIFI, Grahics etc.) thats why you did backup of all your extensions- to be able to restore functionallity of that hardware after restart. cross fingers and restart boot with -v to see whats happening if any of you have problems with graphics and you use nvinject.kext then let chopperreid know because he has a solution to that. --------------------------------------------------------------
  10. problema installazione leopard

    Probabilmente il tuo HD SATO &/o IDE Chipset non è compatibile, insomma non riconosce il tuo HD! facci sapere !! timo
  11. problema installazione leopard

    Sicuramente l' avrai gia letta....cmq...qui c' è una guida per AMD, io ho intel... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...ic=80193&hl timopro
  12. I try to install the update 10.5.4 on my kaly-hacktosh10.5.3, unfortunately without success! after the reboot it' dosen't start, so i put the kalyway cd 10.5.1 and load it, but when it finish to load all files it's blok on this error and it print always this: 161:SAM Multimedia: Read or Write failed, sense_key= 0x05, ASC = 0x64, ASCQ = 0x00 Disk 1s2: unsupported mode Facility com.apple.system.fs Errtype IO [ERRN5¨] PBLKnum 2120446 ... 161:SAM Multimedia: Read or Write failed, sense_key= 0x05, ASC = 0x64, ASCQ = 0x00 Disk 1s2: unsupported mode Facility com.apple.system.fs Errtype IO [ERRN5] PBLKnum 2120446 ... after i tryy to format the whole hd with ntfs, I don't know how i can with mac?? hfs?? Before my update it work perfect 100% (see my hw on my signature) thanks to all and sorry for my bad English! timopro
  13. Need help with 8600 gt card

    Hi Gord, try with NVkush.kext (for Nvidia, GC), take a tour on the forum to find it!! timo
  14. Thanks to all, also mine works 100% !! thanks
  15. Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter

    OK, I found the solution for my problem, I installed the Appleusbethernet.kext, from macgirl (thanks macgirl) and the usbethernet adapter now works perfectly also after a reboot, so I don't need anymore to unplug and plug, to works, thanks macgirl ans to other all for this mega site!!!