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  1. Thank you! I had removed the plist file last week, but it was no use. May be I should try to remove all the plist files. I will try this.
  2. Some time kernel_task consume 200% CPU , and make my computer become very lagging. My CPU is Athlon 64 x2 7450. I have tried all the kernel, but none can solve this.
  3. Some times (such as wake from screensaver or run some software that needs lots of CPU or GPU) become very lagging, and the "kernel_task" process takes up a large amount of CPU. I do not know why. . My CPU is Athlon x64 7450, GPU is HD 6450, and use the RC7 kernel.
  4. Hi, guys! I found that my computer became very slow about ten minutes after I logged in Maverick. But at the beginning it was very smooth. If I reboot, it was very smooth at first, and then became very slow again. And I can not run Cinebench R11.5. My cpu is Athlon 7450, video card is hd 6450. And use the RC5. Thank you!
  5. xwxw

    Acer Iconia W500 10.6 Guide

    My w500 freezed on "netkas presents fakesmc, a kext which emulates smc device". Just like this. My w500 cpu is amd c60, maybe this cpu make the mistake.