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    FX5200 Works ! 10.5.5 and 10.5.6

    I have been pulling my hair out (along with Google's, and the search button) trying to get this card working. I have the eVGA low profile FX5200 128mb (new egg link: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx...82E16814130210). I have tried atleast 20 different install methods I have found on googled, and all of them yield a different result. The current problem I have now is the screen will take about 20-30 seconds to come up, but it starts black with a mouse cursor. You can see some dark flashes while this is happening. About 1-2 minutes later, I see a blue flash and then back to black with text that says basically login has been started. If I boot into Safe boot, I sometimes get a somewhat normal window (some of the left side is cut off, right side has black bar) and I can log in, but the mouse moves very erratic and slow. I have used the nvidia universal installer, the Fx5200 installer, fx5200 installer for amd/sse2, and about a dozen tutorials. I have undone the work probably 30 times by now (boot into single user and delete any nvidia related kext files). I have added the boot strings for the card. Nothing seems to work. BTW Installation has been fairly flawless as long as I excluded the nvidia drivers. Almost everything works out of box. Install method: XxX 10.5.6 Dell Optiplex GX240 Intel 82801BA controller (ICH2) 845i chipset 3com 3c905C-TX ethernet Netgear WG311T wireless (not working) ADI 1885 sound 1gb pc133 ram Sony Optiarc CD/DVD+-RW AGP eVGA low profile FX5200 VGA/s-video 1.8ghz P4 - sse2 only 512k cache
  2. Mactel4SSE2

    Dell Inspiron 1100 Successes and Failures

    Can somebody give me some insight to installing on this poor old {censored}? It was a recycle computer donated from my sister. What did you have to pick during the install to get it running? Every attempt I make I end up with a machine that will not boot (for various reasons) thanks
  3. Mactel4SSE2

    QE/CI/Rotation on AppleTV OSX Install!

    I cant find any working link to the custom NATIT installer, so I tried the Titan installer and filled in the IOPCIMATCH portion into the kext as instructed. I get a purple screen from the component output, and a GREAT crystal clear screen from the HDMI for about 5-8 seconds then it flickers, comes back for 1-2 seconds, and vanishes - I pull the HDMI out to kill the sync, plug it back in, it repeats this cycle. Could someone PLEASE send me the required NATIT installer (or post an updated link) and give me a heads up on what I need to do to make this work? I have been working on this project for 3 months now and Id REALLY like to make it work... this is the last issue I have. Korrupted - I am running 10.4.11, thats what I originally installed. What problems are you having? I used the XxX disc with the SSE2 kernels selected, but had to copy the IOUSBFamily.kext from my working desktop and clear the kext cache files to make the USB work
  4. Mactel4SSE2

    Leopard on Hp dv5000 family laptop (5217cl)

    I have a DV5215us and it'll be the last laptop I EVER buy from HP. Every single instance and every single install DVD I've downloaded has lead to some sort of catastrophic failure. I'm giving it ONE LAST SHOT with the Zephyroth disc when it gets done downloading so that I can atleast post some errors but I will be going on your instructions HOPING this :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: piece of :censored2: laptop will actually work with Leopard. My old 1.6Ghz P4 ANCIENT desktop will run any version I throw at it without a hitch, just slowly. This thing is the opposite. If it works, you're my hero. However its going to have to wait for the Apple TV, that comes first! Leopard on my 42" Panasonic Plazzzmaaahhh....mmmmmmmmmmmm.....pretty.... Caleb
  5. Mactel4SSE2

    Photo Captions I

    Sorry I'm not home right now, walkin in tha spider webs... so leave a message and I'll call you back *Beep* Yes, it's City-Electric. Pay us $11,448 for last month or we shut you off. or 5.6 trigaflops/sec, with the most advanced software in the world... yet it still can't understand women (I know, I'll burn for that one)
  6. Mactel4SSE2

    The Best Powerpoint Slide

    If I were in that meeting, I'd be cheering. God, powerpoint can put an insomniac to sleep.
  7. Mactel4SSE2

    PPC Windows?

    Speaking of compatible... we have this hideous pile of {censored} from KLH at work. Supposed to be a "Simple Home theater", 2 atrocious speakers and a rattly subwoofer (for only $214) and supports Dolby Digital (atleast AFTER it's converted to analog) Supposively an "Aux in" makes ANYTHING Ipod compatible (as it is advertised on a 6" starburst on the side of the box) And the post count slowly climbs...
  8. Mactel4SSE2

    Warning for stupid users?

    good lord, $3 for a "Six inches" extension cord? I got a 4 FOOT extension cord from Wolly World for 97cents. You got ripped off :-D
  9. Mactel4SSE2

    Introduce Yourself

    I'm dubbed "cable box" *thanks to one of my coworkers* I'm 22, started with a 386-20mhz and 2mb of ram, 40mb hdd GOD how things have changed... $1 per megabyte to less than $1 per gigabyte New to all the Mac-tel stuff, having a blast playing with codename "Version 3" (just upgraded from "Version 1" tonight)... guess I missed out on "Version .8" (Maxxuss, you kick :censored2: just wanted you to know... Now, I'm on a 1.6Ghz P4, 1gb 266mhz DDR, 200 and 80gb harddisks, NEC 1100A (upgraded to 1300A, thanks Herrie's Firmware page!), Geforce 440mx 64mb running windows craXP, SUSE 10, and yours truly "Version 3" Trying to go from to here, and I dunno where to start. Wish I could be helpful. Anyone that'd be willing to send me an instant message and lend me a hand would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys Cable box AIM: Bludacrisrs
  10. Hey guys... Need to ask, anybody know anything about getting the SB Extigy to work with 10.4.1? It plays really choppy for a few seconds until it stops... getting worse and worse until it finally goes. If I reset the extigy (turn it off, and back on) it does the same thing again. It shows up in the system preferences>sound as if its working just fine. Didn't want to ask until I got 10.4.4 working, but getting it is going to take days... and I want it to work! Thanks
  11. Mactel4SSE2

    [HowTo] Speed up hard disk access

    Sequential 91.67 Uncached Write 100.76 61.86 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 92.37 52.26 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 76.77 22.47 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 101.45 50.99 MB/sec [256K blocks] Random 34.86 Uncached Write 12.00 1.27 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 72.87 23.33 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 97.20 0.69 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 134.43 24.94 MB/sec [256K blocks] some tests it blew, some tests it blew away... what a world... After patching btw... didn't test before, but pc runs faster for sure
  12. Mactel4SSE2

    Installing a new lan card

    SMC EZ 1211 cards are cheap and work well (atleast for me). Got mine for $15, have it for nearly 5 years now. So far, no networking problems for me (using Time warner cable, or Bellsouth DSL)
  13. reminds me of napster vs metallica... first metallica went for napster, then went for almost all the end users. it was ridiculous, but it taught me to never put things past the "Big boys"... they got plenty o money to play with, and people still buy metallica albums. anyway, yes I'm new here. I'm running 10.4.1 right now, currently working on upgrade. hardware: 1.6ghz P4 (not quite fine wine, it's got some age on it) 1gb 266mhz DDR memory 200gb and 80gb 7200rpm harddisks SB Extigy (not working yet) Suse linux, Windows MCE, and ofcourse, (you guessed it, I won't implicate myself) 8x DVD+/-RW (thanks to Herrie's firmware page for the - addition) 1500/128 DSL SMC 10/100 card (internet works perfectly) NVidia MX440 64mb Suprised it works so well with all this dated hardware