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  1. Nope, i've try almost everything maybe the solution is to buy a dongle!
  2. The bluetooth looks to work but a can't connect anything to it. Maybe it's in the usb exclusion?
  3. System/Library/Extentions or Library/Extentions?
  4. I put the two kext in Library/Extentions I've run KextUtility and reboot Without success. System/Library/Extentions or Library/Extentions?
  5. The bluetooth doesn't work, wifi is good. Maybe my brodcom card is broken ( I don't know ).
  6. Yes, i've installed those two kext. I see the bluetooth in my system preferences, but it seems to be unable to see bluetooth device. The searching wheel is spinning and doesn't find any devices. Here's another send me file with those 2 kext installed. Thanks a lot for your help it's unvaluable. Send me Carl’s iMac.zip
  7. Can't find the way to make the bluetooth work. Any ideas?
  8. Don't seems to work! Do i have something to change in the config.plist? I've put the kext in my kext/other/ folder. That's it I'm a bit noob sorry.
  9. Here's is the send me file with the BCM94360CS2 installed. If you can help me. Send me Carl’s iMac.zip
  10. It's been a week and i could say now that my hack work flawlessly! Thank you Maldon.
  11. Man thank you so much!! Your help and contribution is really appreciated.
  12. I've finally find that is my brand new Monitor. The P2715Q is a troublemaker with displayport. Here's what I found about that: P2715Q I've decided to return this Monitor to replace it with LG one. Thanks for your help, I'll not make this post resolve du to the other little trouble.
  13. I’ve try the monitor settings without success again... and dp ports don’t work but HDMI work i’ll leave it as it us for now. Hopefully someone will find out anytime soon!