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    Is my PC OSX ready?

    Bump - Please help!
  2. Sema1

    Is my PC OSX ready?

    Well, if figured because I'd backed everything up, I'd give it a try. iPC 10.5.6 DVD works - runs. I got to Disk Utility, did all the same gizz, for my IDE drive. Installed, used custom drivers for SSE2 system, NVinject and all. Installed. Hang on Boot with -v -f -x "Still waiting for root device" I know, it's those dreaded 5 words - any hints about hwy this would be happening with my above config? Thanks.
  3. Hey yall, I've backed everything up, but before I wipe my HDD, I'd like to ask if my PC is Leopard Compatible. I have on DVD iPC 10.5.6 and Kalyway 10.5.2 (Both working - have Hackintosh'd my laptop (Dell D620)) My PC's specs are as follows: Motherboard: ACER VERITON 3700gx Graphics: Nvidia 8400gs (512 v/ram) PCI-e AC97 built-in audio NetGear wireless PCI card Broadcom LAN built-in PS/2 Keyboard USB Mouse IDE DVD drive 160G S-ATA HDD 2x 40G IDE HDD - I don't care which HDD it goes on. Any info missing that you/I would need? Thanks in advance to you all!
  4. well, I can confirm this works. I have a fully working XP SP2 install on separate partition working on VMWare Fusion 1.1.
  5. Sema1

    I need a cure!

    Well, hurrah, I have everythig working, sound, wireless, and all the other gizmos. But, as I'm sure many other hackint0sh users and ac users know, sometimes we need a game to stare mindlessly at. I have tried and tried. All I want is a few games, and if anyone know how to get them working, whether over darwine, Crossover games or whatever, please, PLEASE tell me! The games I want are: - Midown Madness 2 - MDK 2 All I have is a shelf-bought Dell D620, so nothing special specs wise. Any other games you can recommend? I love 3rd person trailer RPGs, like Fable, or Oblivion. Thanks in advance!