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  1. Dell Dimension 8300

    alright im desperate now. how do i install leopard on this computer. Ive tried leo4all and kalyway discs and i cant boot into the install screen. i pop in the disc it loads up and then it just restarts. do i need to press anything at the f8 screen. I installed 10.4.6 on the computer. also heres a guy that says he installed it. he did some stuff and i dont know how to do it. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...+dimension+8300 if someone could tell me how to do it, i'll be there best friend. please help me. thanks.
  2. Ok well i have 2 computers. One is a: HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8000n Specs: http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/hp-pavili...7-32399107.html amd sse3 and other is: Gateway GM5457H Desktop Computer Specs: http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/R/1009497/1009497sp3.shtml Intel sse2 Is there any leopard dvd that will boot on the first computer? I have tried Kalaway, Leo4all, Zepthroth(or however you spell it) on the first one and they would not all boot. I either got still waiting for root device or no parking sign on over the apple. I can get kalaway and leo4all to boot on the second pc. But i cant boot off usb on the second computer, although i can install it on the external usb. My question is: Could I use kalaway on the second computer(intell sse2) and install it on the external hd with amd patches and sse3 patches then take it to the first computer and boot off the usb. Would that work? I just want to be clear incase i screw up some mbr or something that i cant fix later. Thanks if you can understand what im saying.
  3. Any help is apprectiated. Im having some trouble with installing leopard on my external hd and then booting. I have: HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8000n and a external 160 gb hard drive. amd 5200 sse3 2 gig ram 500 gb sata hd. (will i need to unplug this? so the boot thing will load of the external?) And i know i can boot off usb because when i go into boot menu it shows usb. I have pretty much all the patched isos. I have kalaway, leo4all, zeprith(or however you spell it) and some other ones i think. downloaded all of them. i got leopard working on my upstairs computer witch was intel and was really easy but i want to get it for downstairs. Im wondering which one i should use. And i just want to be clear with the installation Make a partition 30gb fat32 and then restart computer. boot off burned patched mac 10.5.0or1or2. then go into disk utility format that 30gb fat32 hard drive to mac journaled set it to master boot record or what ever. Then install it on that partition. Then restart computer and boot off usb. Please help me with correcting everything i said wrong. Thanks!