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  1. Leo4Allv3

    Seriously... I'm lost... After few more times installing, I manage to make osx work without any darwin flags. But that's only one time. After I shutdown or restart, It would report some crash about login window. And won't boot to GUI. Tried to re install with other cutomization but it was worse, won't boot at all. Tried to use darwin boot flags such as -v -x -f -legacy or cpus=1, but no luck... So after I boot osx for the first time, are there anything I need to customize? Meanwhile I keep experimenting. Helps or clues are very appreciated.
  2. Leo4Allv3

    Hmm... so smbios is last option to play with if all else fails... My chipset is ICH, but it's earlier than ich-7. And the ICH driver is only for ich-7/8/9, from what I read. I can't seem to find any J-micron or something similar. And the kext for intel is only that ich-7/8/9 driver. Will it compatible with my board?
  3. Leo4Allv3

    @YzorYzor on the 5th, back to speedstepkernel, but using old acpi, at least i got a bit improvement... LOL It manage to boot a few more lines. Now it stuck after loading the network card... I think it's time to change the smbios or chipset driver... I don't install any graphic driver because I had mine ready. Install as soon as it boot OSX. For chipset driver, the default install if I choose nothing is Jmicron right? and because I use DDR400 which is not listed in SMBIOS, can i just use the default one? Helps are very very much apreciated... Thx 4 the support.
  4. Leo4Allv3

    Hi all. I'm new to this osx86 stuff, but wanna try it though. First, thanks to eddie for this great release. I'm trying to install leo4allv3 on my lappy which is a nec versa m540. From all osx86 installer i can found, only leo4allv3 that can be boot successfully to installation. I've installed the os fine, but the problem arise when I boot from my hdd. It stuck at "mac framework successfully initialized...". Hardware : pentium M 1,7 (SSE2 capable) 1GB DDR400 RAM 60GB IDE HDD IDE DVDRW intel mobo (865 i guess) ATI radeon 9600pro mobility I have no problem at installing. but have no luck after rebooting. I've tried all sse2 kernel available, experimenting with those drivers in the installation package. as i type this, I'm going for 5th install... And honestly I'm quite frustated... I really want my lappy to run OSX and hopefully I won't give up until it does... Anybody has info on how to get osx running on my lappy? I've got the kext for my VGA but I think I need to make the os boot first before installing it right? BTW, congratz for those who have successfully installed OSX86 on their PC... I'm a bit jealous LOL