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  1. Gigabyte NVidia 7600GS

    Ok i think you mean "i cannot get video acceleration"! Anyway try this: Copy and replace the graphics extensions from kalyway 10.5.2 (geforce**.kext and nv**.kext all of them) to your extensions folder to enable qe/ci. Use any injector you want (try some) .Thats what i did to obtain qe/ci on my nvidia 7600gt agp on mac 10.5.6. Hope this works for you . good luck.
  2. Discuss 8400M GT for Vaio only

    Well have you enabled qe ci on 8400m gt on snow leopard ? Could you tell us how you did that ?
  3. Search on google about "leo hazard" . There has been made a pretty nice snow leopard dvd. There is also a forum which can help you.
  4. Do you plan including a way how to install snow leopard? I mean ok with some kexts or drivers. But in your case you installed it retail . How did you create your usb install? What kexts did you put in ? I know these can be answered elsewhere in this forum but do you intend to do that also? (Sorry for my english ) Btw really nice idea!
  5. You have bought all of your software?If you havent you are stupid too. But you seem like a clever guy who cant be fooled. And close your transmission pls. There are people who want to make fun of you.. I know its not apples or microsofts fault that somebody installs and runs a downloaded software.maybe i didnt express myself right. i meant about the antivirus protection of the system that an OS must have. But as i said in the end there cant be an OS virus free. Sorry for my english.
  6. You guys are serious?? You say its the user's fault who downloaded the pirated software and installed to their computer?Ok so windows xp and every windows are really safe if you dont install anything! One of the most serious jobs of an OS must be to warn and protect the system from anything harmful is being installed or being put in it. Of course apple has done a great job so far as there is no need for most users to run antivirus software in their mac os. But well which company can be 100% virus clean??There isnt and there wont be..
  7. Tried nvkush ? I hope you have put your dev and vendor id in NVDANV40Hal and NVDAResman.
  8. Nvidia 7600gt agp problem when update OS

    Well i also realised that when i dont have qe and ci by my gfx (but i can change resolutions) in safari and almost every browser when i watch videos my cpu is used from 45% to 70%! But thats the same percentage even when i have qe ci! Isnt the gfx card suppossed to help run visual content like the videos in vlc,quicktime etc? Or are they cpu's job?
  9. Nvidia 7600gt agp problem when update OS

    I tried both by software update and downloading each package and install ( eg from 10.5.4 downloaded 10.5.5 update and installed). Both ways same prob.
  10. Nvidia 7600gt agp problem when update OS

    Thx I tried nvdarwin with the same kalyway kexts ( got qe ci) and when i update i got the same panic. There must be something wrong with the geforce.kext and the nvdaresman.kext but i dont know what because my gfx works with qe and ci just fine. Also the graphics kexts from other distributions dont work with my card. Only the ones from kalyway 10.5.2.
  11. Hi I have a geforce nvidia 7600gt agp card running in leo4allv4.1. Without changing anything else i copied the graphics extensions from kalyway 10.5.2 (geforce**.kext and nv**.kext all of them) to my extensions folder to enable qe ci. But when i try to update my OS X version i always get this kernel panic attached. I have enabled qe ci with either nvinject or nvkush or efi strings. All ways when i update give me this panic. Im having voodoo kernel v1. If anyone knows pls help .Thx a lot. EDIT : Forgot to say i couldnt install leo4allv4.1 with nvidia kexts and nvinject ( i was getting the known apple message "you have to restart the computer press the power button etc" so i installed it without the graphics driver. pic_55.rar
  12. Hi ! Well i noticed that when i watch any videos on my net browser (safari or firefox) my cpu is highly used. 45-75%! I dont know if this is a kernel prob because i had the same result with stagexnu kernel . Maybe my sse2 cpu is the cause or i dont know . I have all the updates for 10.5.4.
  13. Well after update from 10.5.4 from leo4allv4.1 to 10.5.5 i got this kernel panic in my screen. (For my gfx card i ve copied the gfx extensions from kalyway to the extensions of leo4all) Also from kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.5 via apple software update. I got same screen even when i updated from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 ( i downloaded the package and installed). Dont know what to do .. pic_1.rar
  14. Did you try with the kexts from kalyway 10.5.2 ?I have problems with the update to 10.5.5, my system doesnt boot.But in 10.5.4 i have qe ci for my 7600gt agp card (seen as pci). Yes i have nforce 3 250 chipset and amd 64bit sse2. I ll try to boot with 10.5.5 and tell you.If you want the kexts from kalyway i could send them to you. Keep on