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  1. thanks a lot for all your great help , I am running Mojave now with SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon™ RX Vega 56.
  2. thanks a lot for your help, actually i 'm thinking may be buying RX Vega 56, is it work good on Mojave? and does it have fan error?
  3. thanks a lot for reply, so you prefer sapphire or may Be msi will be good?
  4. peace, i am willing to sell my GTX 970 and buy RX 580 8GB card to install Mojave, i read that sapphire RX 580 pulse version is compatible with Mojave, so is other versions of RX 580 like MSI Gaming X and ASUS ...Etc are working good too or not, cause it's difficult to find sapphire RX 580 pulse version in my country.
  5. here is my clover boot way ,and the last three photos is my EFI partition content to tell me if there something need to delete.
  6. thanks for reply MaLd0n ,i download AptioMemoryFix.efi.zip attachment and put it on "drivers64UEFI" in clover folder but still has the same problem.
  7. i installed High Sierra 10.13 and run it without problems then i install High Sierra 10.13.2 compo update from store update in the first time and in the second time from apple site and install it successfully , the PC restart in few seconds on boot with no warning message , some times when try some methods i got does printf work ? message , finally after 3 days of trying to fix this i can log in successfully by put -s flag in clover boot flags in boot start after that i type "exit" in bash and that log me in successfully ... so is there any way to fix this so i can log in normally .