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  1. @Poco Wow looks great! Nice changes and glad fixes/updates are coming. Thx!
  2. Finally I can say that Tuxera 2018 work flawlessly till today. Never experienced the annoying disk corruption from Paragon NFTS. So go for it.
  3. Guys. Its possible that someone can record their desktop lag and upload the file so we can see how bad it is? As I read I got the idea that you can´t even use yours hackintosh and sincerely my system works acceptable. Of course I got the lag in the webgl water. It lags ever 2-3 seconds and thats disappointing, but in the blossom there is no lag. No problems in safari or youtube or seeing movies, videos or even tampering with FCPX So or my eyes are screwed or this is something related (in the los worrisome cases) outdated kexts, clover. etc. That's why I think is good to someone upload a file to have as a standard so people can say "yes I got the same lag" or not. Because beside Nvidia underdeveloped drivers maybe others variables are involved and so would be easier to check configuration and test.
  4. New InsanelyMac Website

    HI Fantomas1 Everyone is grateful for all that this sites gives to all of us. At the same time all people criticizing or telling whats wrong give something too (participating, helping, donating, coding, developing, share the voice, etc). Its normal to tell out what's is not going well. And the feedback from anyone is to improve whats wrong to get something better. Because its real. And people care about the site and what represents. Im thankful of the help but I want (as a lot of people) that insanelymac would be superb. People are telling a lot of things that shows problems that maybe the one fixing the site maybe can't be aware. I prefer people shouting the issues over silent members just reading and solving their problems without participating. And as far im reading no one give destructive opinions. Just pointing what is worse than before. And sorry but things as logon problems or homepage problems errors after a week of implementation is not some casual and a simple thin that the designer should overlook. Same as https. Anyway thanks and we all are grateful from the help you guys give too.
  5. New InsanelyMac Website

    My eyes hurts every time i log in. Sorry guys but it just feels so outdated. I feel like im working in a windows 10 desktop enviroment with accesibility option enabled for impaired eyesight...
  6. Two NVidia GPUs for extra displays?

    I got two monitors setup normally. Now only one connected but on Monday (I go out of the city) I will do some testing with both at different resolutions to check. You can test with only 2 of yours at lower resolutions with the 980ti and see if your problems persists.
  7. Two NVidia GPUs for extra displays?

    I own a 980ti 6gb and Im not experiencing lag if anything in general. Of course is not as smooth as windows for sure (because crappy Nvidia web drivers) but it works ok even in FCPX 10.4 without issues. im using .104. and work ok with DVI and HDMI as far I tested before.
  8. Check here so you have the background for all what we are talking over the Broadcom USB bluetooth dongle & installations kexts. https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-BrcmPatchRAM
  9. All went fine. Still with Nvidia .104.
  10. Hi Guys. Currently im using revision 4380 and my system is working fine. I always work under the premise to not try to fix something that is already working. But as clover revision changes the question would be "when to really update clover" (today revision 4411) And what would the best way. Using the install/update option in Clover Configurator or just downloading the lates pkg.? thx in advance.
  11. I´l try using Data too. Used Repo before and saw no change so just wiped ram and repo. After I test with a complete power off without loading windows before I`ll post the results. Update: Sailor you were right. Worked using Data instead of Repo. Strangely the indications told the contrary... But now working as it should. Regarding Handoff lets see if someone dig more over this in the future. * For those with the same bluetooth dongle chipset and with High Sierra just put "BrcmPatchRAM2.kext" & "BrcmFirmwareData.kext" in clover "others".
  12. Exactly. If "4096" appears then means the update is not loaded. Anyways with that version Airdrops works fine but is more to me to understand why the kexts are not working as it should. My version always update as I boot Windows 10 first every day before High Sierra. As handoff concerning is not something ir really use but it would be nice to have it working anyways. Just to say I did it
  13. Still Handoff not working. Firmware update kexts BrcmPAtchRam2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext not updating the firmware when booting. Putting these on "Other" or in S/L/E has no effect. Firmware on first power up would remain in version 4096. The only walk around I found for the dongle to autoupdate was to boot first windows 10 and later a restart and boot MAcOS. (This solution works and update the firmware to v14 c5860) Sadly this has to be done every time I do a complete power off else it would stick to 4096. Has anyone paired effectively this Broadcom chipset 20702A3 with wifi Broadcom 4360?
  14. Handoff is not working. Installed Kext´s but to no avail. My wifi has a Broadcom BCM4360 and the dongle BCM 20702A3 with firmware v14 c5860. If someone has a solution for this would be appreciated.