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  1. Please tell me how you installed it on a P5B i have been trying vmware no avail and it wont boot native even after disabling the JMicron controller or setting it to ACHI etc. Please help I have the patched ISO
  2. Anyone try Leopard on VMWare?

    10.4 all works perfect on mine its just everytime i boot to a 32 bit like WINDOWS NT with the image it says "Youre running a 64 bit application" and my VMware doesnt support my scsi or whatever ide on p5b to do 64bit vmware. I have core 2 whats going on here?
  3. Anyone try Leopard on VMWare?

    No, VM ware is saying that the patched leopard burnt dvd in a physical drive is a 64 bit operation system and that it must be shut down and to change the VM ware settings to 64 bit, but then I cant even boot to 64 bit becaues it says it doesnt support my scsi / s-ata p-ata adapter for 64 or whatever. And Its impoosible to boot from the CD native, either with ACHI or IDE mode JMicron off and on, it still says Error loading loader.plist or whatever, it doesn't even say hit f8 for options or etc. Normally VMware always works 32 bit, boot physical CD in windows... but not anymore with leopard =(
  4. Anyone try Leopard on VMWare?

    I tried changing from 1 processor to 2, then from a 64 bit os but it wont work. Stops at the apple logo.
  5. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    use jas 10.4.6, then jump to jas 10.4.7. i know a girl named jenn that works at pc club, weird.