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  1. [KEXT] CMI8738 Kext for 64bit OSX Lion

    Yes, I did tested it. Its working for me. I can try the KEXT on another machine.
  2. [KEXT] CMI8738 Kext for 64bit OSX Lion

    Its working in both ways. What exactly didnt worked for you? did you tried with kextutils?
  3. [KEXT] CMI8738 Kext for 64bit OSX Lion

    Hello everybody, after several tryings, I finally get ported the audio drive for OSX Lion 64bit, based on the original source codes from http://scifi.pages.at/ffm-2/ for OSX Tiger. Use KextHelper to install the CMI8738 audio kext or just copy CMI8738AudioDevice.kext to /System/Library/Extensions and type following lines to the terminal: sudo -i cd /System/Library/Extensions/ chown -R root:wheel CMI8738AudioDevice.kext chmod -R 755 CMI8738AudioDevice.kext To test it on running system: kextload CMI8738AudioDevice.kext Maybe you have to clear your kextcache! If there are problems to getting work the kext, just ask me PS: Its a native 64bit kext! Have fun! CMI8738AudioDevice.kext.zip
  4. Darwin Reboot

    A Pacthed Kernel? Wher can I get a patchd Kernel? Ive just installd the flat image.... But it reboots all time. Ercan
  5. Darwin Reboot

    Hello Everybody, I have just installed the flat image of mac x86. I want to start it, but Darwin reboots th system in an endless loop. My Hardware is compitable to the version: eVGA 680i SLI Mobo Intel Duo Core 2 E6600 nVidia Geforce 8800 GT But I have read, that E6600 need a Vanilla Kernel. What it means? Ercan