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  1. USB Harddisk Problem solved ! I am currently using a dsdt file from the ga965p ds4 motherboard, cause this is the only file which enabled my soundcard for my ga965p ds3 v3.3 As i was sticking my usb harddisk in the two front slots of my machine this gave a crash, now using the 4 back usb slots everything works flawless. This is quite strange , cause my usb stick , navigation system and memory card reader are working from the front slots... Well maybe it has something to do with the pins or usb 2.0 compatibility !? Anyway, for the people who got this problem use the back slots
  2. Thanks for the tip, will look with xbench for performance Now i got my first issue yet ! Plugged in my usb harddisk WD Mybook 1GB and the system hung ! then i tried restarting with usb harddisk installed, also Hang when within Snow leopard. This harddisk i normally use together with my airport extreme and then it works flawless, but i wanted to try a direct connection for faster file transfer. If i try a usb stick or my navigation system i got no problems with the same USB slot. What could this be ? Maybe you guys could guide me to the light
  3. Thank you moarfish and slither to help me getting my 10.6 installation on my ga965p ds3 v3.3 and working 100% ! Actually it works way better then my previous 10.5.8 installation with kalyway! What i find strange is that i cannot see that quartz extreme and ci are enabled under my system profile... but actually it works ! Now i can nicely play with my Snow Leopard
  4. Hello again, I will anwser your points one by one. 1 Use the 10.5.8 official combo update from the apple site 2 You can open the finder, type in the full name and see while the upgrade is installing if the file comes. If not, then you dont have to do anything. 3 I have an intel machine, dont know the results on that one. 4 As the 10.5.8 upgrade may report a failure in the end, it is still finished succesfully !!! Reboot from your external usb drive with the original 10.5.2 to make sure you have the rights to change the folders as the instruction tells you. The problem with the last two updates 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 is that apple changes the root admin password, so you cannot change it when the upgrade has finished. This causes a lot of trouble changing the file with dsmos.kext. Good luck and hope to hear your succes story.
  5. Hello there, I had the same challenge 4 months ago, now 10.5.8 is out and i got again the big challenge. First of all you need to have at least three harddisks in your system or 2 internal, one external. Why ? You need to install 10.5.2 kalyway on two partitions. Then one partition you upgrade following this guide: 1. open directory utility enable root user from menu. set password. 2. open terminal type sudo su. enter password 3. in terminal typed without quotes. Enter. "while sleep 1 ; do rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext ; done" 4.mount 10.5.8 combo, install while monitoring for appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext in extensions folder. Should appear and get deleted super fast. do not restart! 5. Restart PC and swith to the other kalyway 10.5.2 install which works. In this system you go to the other harddisk where you just did the upgrade to 10.5.8 6. right click /System/InstallAtStartup folder. Get info. at bottom click lock and enter password. change permissions for everyone to read/write. Repeat step for folder /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts and for file /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1 7. Open 1 file in text edit. Find there Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext and replace with this dsmos.kext. save file. 8. if u have nvidia card move to trash all ati* and appleintelgma* kexts to trash. 9. Install voodoo kernel 9.5 with their setup package ON THE HARDDISK OF THE Updated 10.5.2 !!!. http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/ only if u know you cannot use vanilla kernels on your hardware. 9. restart! 10. Find the nescessary drivers for your mobo, takes quite a while ! as well as the seatbelt + system kext for 10.5.7 ! Enjoy.
  6. I have my ga965p-ds3 operational with 10.5.7 for 99%. Problems TM doesnt work (will try tonight the en0 editting trick from the poster im done. USB HD / IPOD mounting after full boot doesnt work. My specs: ga965p-ds3 8800GTS 640MB Linksys Wireless G 4GB Ram Three Harddisk Sata NEC DVDR I updated to 10.5.7 from Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD without installing any options or kexts. After the update it was quite an hassle to get the 10.5.7 working ...
  7. Hi There, I see that you can boot up with 10.5.2 ? Does everything work in that version ? How do you install the 10.5.6. combo update ? I did it with following the method from dparada78: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t143434.html Good luck and dont give up so fast, i think you almost there
  8. Hi There, Try the following bios options, which helped in my case. AHCI = off. Raid Harddisk controller = off Harddisk controller = SATA Parallel ports = off Serial ports = off Network card = auto Soundcard = auto Also put your harddisk on another controller on your mobo. My attempts to boot from my raid controller never worked. Remove 1 Gig ram, as sometiems 4 gig gives problems, later you can fix that when you booted once correctly with a kext. Also dont overclock from the start. Try with kalyway 10.5.2 as that one is the most mellow, the rest are more difficult from my opinion. And dont select any patches or updates, see if that works. Good luck playing around with these settings! Dont worry 5+ hours i still nothing,.. i spend 1 week to get a good working 10.5.6. on my gigabyte 965p ds3
  9. dlp

    Preparing for my first Hackintosh build

    Hi there, Try to install kalyway 10.5.2. and look if your system even could run mac osx. I think if you want a flawless installation with original dvd's u need this EFI X http://www.efi-x.com/index.php?language=english Without it, it will be a big adventure to get it working ! Costed me one full week on my gigabyte 965p ds3 ! but now i got a 100% working system. The biggest challenge is to find the driver that suit your system.... or sometimes rewrite them yourself ! Good luck with your hobby mac system
  10. Hi there, I see that you came from a long way updating from kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 I followed a guide that instantly upgraded my kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.6, which saves some time, and maybe solves your problems ?: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=143434 See the dparade78 installation After that i also noticed that my tm was not working, i downloaded the original IONetworkingFamily.kext http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HWVMONUU Check the post of the TM problems: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t116343.html Then i also had speed problems with my tm,.. i solved it with replacing the following updated kexts: AppleUSBEHCI.kext and IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...aded&start= Try downloading some versions, till you hit the one that solves your problem. Oh i also needed to replace the seatbelt.kext, cause sometimes my system crashed suddenly. http://www.infinitemac.com/f5/dmg-mounting...seatbelt-t1992/ After all these actions, and updating my other drivers (video, lan / wan) i have a full 100% working 10.5.6. which rocks ! Hope this helps you to get a flawless victory !
  11. The update you described works like a dream, thanks. Now i need to fix some minor issues,... TM still not working.
  12. I have tested leo4all v3 on my ga965p ds3 v3, with AHCI on it seemed to work like a dream. Then after having installed many apps and playing around with music and photoshop, it sometimes stucks and hangs for 1 min, after that it works again smoothly. But hanging every hour and all my work stops, got me back to Vista again I hope to find a solution for this problem, i think it has something todo with the AHCI on my harddisk, Samsung 500gb. Do others also experience these hickups ? whats the solution ? IDE didnt work for booting !