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  1. WTF!? i swear i used that option before..... i love you man! thanks!
  2. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    anyone with MCP67???
  3. Well, all done, i dont know if i would call this working, but if i wait (waiting for root dev..) some 30 minutes it will start just fine.... any ideas?
  4. MCP67 - AHCI or NforceATA?

    this is also interesting, however is not on the current freebsd SVN, what could be that _S2 ??? under linux my version is rev2.... { ATA_NFORCE_MCP67, 0, AMDNVIDIA, NVIDIA, ATA_UDMA6, "nForce MCP67" }, + { ATA_NFORCE_MCP67_S1, 0, 0, AHCI, ATA_SA300, "nForce MCP67" }, + { ATA_NFORCE_MCP67_S2, 0, 0, AHCI, ATA_SA300, "nForce MCP67" }, bump, btw!!! where can i find AHCI sources....?
  5. MCP67 - AHCI or NforceATA?

    i just found this: http://www.nabble.com/Nvidia-MCP67-SATA-co...td17988029.html
  6. Hi, i wonder if its posbbile to make OSX show as other OS to the BIOS, like vista "Windows 2006" and / or anyone know any tutorial to edit my DSDT and put it inside OSX? Thanks
  7. Hi, im on my third day of testing with this MCP67 chipset... i was able to make it load, read and write my hard drive booting with a modified leo4all, with -v -x -s -f and then kextload AppleNF.. and then kextload -t BUT copyng the same kext to HD i had no luck at all however, on linux this chipset is managed by AHCI!!!!! not sata_nv, also windows shows "standar..." my question is, why cant AppleAHCI be used??? even in the same nforceATA driver sources from medevil i see: bool is_ahci = (hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S1 || hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S2 || hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S3 || hwDeviceID == PCI_NFORCE_MCP[b]65[/b]_S3); if (info->deviceID == 0) { ERROR_LOG("%s: Error: your chipset [0x%08x]%s\n", getName(), hwDeviceID, is_ahci ? " is ahci compliant. This driver can't be used." : " isn't supported by this kext."); return false; } however 67 seems to be AHCI too, and no claimed by any driver....
  8. i made it work partialy, i installed on the other PC, then moved the disk back to the notebbok, I HAVE the waiting for root... problem, however i can boot into the CD kextload the SAME .kext and then cp it to the HD, to the same path....i also moved the CD Extensions.mkext... still no luck, any ideas??? can i boot the cd with a root=/dev ... like linux?
  9. any ideas about nvidia? i have an MCP67 and i can not makeit work no mather what y try, however under linux it works with AHCI kernel module... why should not work whith this instead of AppleNForceATA ????
  10. NForce SATA Controller

    Hi MeDevil, im a bit confused here, my SATA, an MCP67 is on the KNOW AHCI...(0550), anda my pata on the know PATA so...what kext should i use to get MCP67, i can boot from leo v4.1 which uses VIAATa, bat i can not partition or format!!! any ideas? BTW, on linux mcp76 is managed with AHCI module...
  11. (Nearly) Complete Installation Guide for nForce MCP67

    Hey, i just take a look to my linux lshw and i realiced MCP67 is AHCI, and on linux its being handled by ahci module... does not mac have an AHCI kext????
  12. (Nearly) Complete Installation Guide for nForce MCP67

    mmm that din not help... i think im gonna have to buy a DVDRW rawritable... 1) any ideas where are the LATEST applenforceata kext? 2) the driver seems to be working, maybe i have another problem here because i see some complains about diskarbitrationd being unable to mount my ext3 partitions.... so the device may be working (/dev/disk1 is there) 3) should i try the modifications to use SATA via nforce and ATA (dvd reader) with via kext??? thanks for your help macontp
  13. (Nearly) Complete Installation Guide for nForce MCP67

    im testing this on a dv6950, with via drivers boots to graphics but i can not partition or format the HD i modified the extensions.mkext and extensions/ too, i also deleted the VIA kext, BUT it does not seem to work...or i have to wait more than 5 minutes? it gets stuck on: ...ATSServer: folder manager is being asked to create a folder (catch) while running as id 0 ...ATSServer: can not user ATS persisten store - switching to old FOB cache code any ideas? PCIids are 0550 and 0560... i tryed with -v -f and -x ObsidianX could you post a PPF patch agains Leo4allv4.1.iso ????
  14. how can i clone leopard

    So, i got my Samsung HD back from warranty and want to move the leopard partition to that drive, i used super duper and hatchery, but with this one i didnt install the pframe script... i will try carbon copy... i also tryed: dd ...boot1h rpartition startupfile rdisk... boot1h i skipper bless because its not for intel macs? besides it says dummy mode... im using leo4all upgraded to 10.5.4 my only problem seems to be the boot loaders on thepartition i have: HD1 with grub and a partition with OSX and HD2 empty... *well, with a non working copy of OSX is there any working way to clone leopard???? and make it boot so i can erase this partition???
  15. skined OSX?

    oh, thanks!