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  1. Video Driver for Dell Inspiron 1501

    No problem! Don't we all wish we had that kinda money for a REAL mac... I know i do..
  2. Video Driver for Dell Inspiron 1501

    hmm well I can watch avi and mp4 with vlc but what I was saying about the acceleration is you should have to have a USB mouse or something pluged in to make it go smooth or go at all in my case (it would freeze booting without something But the other day I was looking around and saw something that the ATI raedon x300 had video acceleration and the xpress 1150 has an x300 core or something along those lines. Maybe there is a way to make os x believe the card is an x300 and install the drivers for that. I don't know myself but maybe someone out there does. I do know though, that in windows before you install the drivers for the card it recognizes it as an ati 300m. Kind of irrelevent but could be useful info. As for gaming... I'm very sad to say us 1501 users are out of luck until we can get quartz extreme running
  3. Video Driver for Dell Inspiron 1501

    Uhm, I'm not that sure about DVDs I haven't tried that yet. Not a big fan of watching DVDs on the computer personally though.
  4. Video Driver for Dell Inspiron 1501

    Hello, I too am running Kalyway 10 5 2 on a 1501 I spent a very long time looking for a way to get the video drivers on it, but i was finally successful (well, sorta) Go here, Callisto and download Callisto_b003fixed This is what works. not sure about the other callistos Once it's done downloading and unzipped, open the installation.html and run a few terminal commands, and if you did it right, (took me a few tries) you can change your screen res to 1280x800 instead of having it at 1024x768 Now, a few things you should know about this. I haven't yet gotten Quartz Extreme working yet, the graphics section of the System Profiler says it is "Not Supported" It will show your grphics card, but it will read 16 or 32MB I'm not sure why, or how to fix this. and finally, for graphics acceleration, I found that if you have something like a USB mouse or keyboard or something plugged in when you first turn it on and DON'T unplug it at ALL it will be accelerated. Now, it isn't the best, but before i had them plugged in, the bootlaoder would hang, and I would have to touch the touchpad to get it going again. Hope this helps =) If you find anything else, feel free to let me know
  5. Hello, I have a problem with the Kalyway install and I could use some help. My System Specs: System: Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop CPU: AMD Turion 64 X2 Graphics: ATI (IGP Xpress 1150?) Audio: Sigmatel STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio Wireless Card: Broadcom (BCM4311 802.11 Wireless Controler?[Kalyway says. not too sure if thats exactly what it is thogh]) 80GB Hard Drive The problem I'm having with installing Kalyway, is that when I boot form the DVD, I use -v as a boot option, and I get through some of the loader. It stops at AirPort_Brcm43xx: Ethernet Address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx. The DVD drive also stops, Looking through forums, I found that one person had continued to tap on the trackpad and the drive started back up and the boot continued. I did that, and after a while of tapping, it does exactly that. But then once I get past that, I get stuck at a line of text that reads localhost Apple80211 updateprefs[144]: error: SCPreferencesComitChanges() failed, Read-only file system it freezes, (I cant add text to it, hit enter, or anything like that) and after messing with the trackpad, it will not start back up. I have tried a few boot options, like none, just -v, -x, -v cpus=1, and -x -s -f -v cpus=1, trying to hopefully kick the installer into action. Sometimes It will freeze before getting to the last message, and leave me at the AirPort one. Now the weird, and face slapping myself part of it. Before this, I had done the trackpad trick to kick it back into action after the AirPort_Brcm43xx line, and the installer started. and after many attempts I had Leopard 10.5.2 installed and somewhat working. Well, first run, after going though the Leopard registration and whatnot, I got to the desktop, and explored it for a few minutes, and I was going out to get a bite to eat, and hit sleep. Not knowing sleep wouldn't work. Well, it resulted in the laptop locking up, and me shutting it off and rebooting. Well, No matter what I did Leopard would NOT boot for me, unless it was safe mode. So I used safe mode to test out the awesomeness of OS X Leopard. After a while, I found kernels for it to boot normally, and I found the Leopard Graphics update with video acceleration so I wouldn't have to keep moving the mouse to keep things going. Well, I experimented with the kernels, (Sadly) and first I selected the AMD one (the second one, [modified and NOT the vanilla kernel]) and reboot. It didn't work, so going back into safe mode I installed both kernels, and I actually got one final REAL boot of Leopard. After needing to reboot again, It wouldn't work, and I accidentally only selected the Vanilla kenel while in safe mode, restarted, and no matter what i did, (safe mode, normal, -v, or any other commands) It would jsut restart. Now I'm stuck and I can't seem to get the installation to get going... I have tried having a fresh hard drive with nothing on it, partitions with vista installed on one of them, and a hard drive that is unallocated with no formatting yet. and noting. Anyone have any ideas? Any help is very much appreciated.